Land visit, back entrance chained up, some deer and some views

Well this was certainly a great day to be up at the land!  It was beautiful outside; warmer up there than in the city today.  I didn’t have to wear a jacket and its February!
Check out the "Land Progress Report 2-8-06" photo album for some great pics today. 
So first order of business was meeting the guy from PUD regarding the power.  You’ll see him in the pictures locating our future power spot for junction box and transformer.  We’ll start with 1 transformer, but odds are we’ll need to hook up a second one when we go to add the yurts since they will be a distance away from the house and first transformer.
After he left I ran to town to buy some chain and lock up that back entrance. Signs are posted too.  While I was doing this, I looked up and there are a couple of black tailed deer just watching me do my thing!  Lucky I had the camera ready! Squeezed off a few shots of them even though they were in the shadows.
Then went for a hike across the land since it was SO NICE OUT! I hiked down into the wooded, sloped area to take a look around and snapped some pics from in there. 
Finally, got some great vista shots of the surrounding mountains all white capped and looking pretty!  Even caught the moon!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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One Response to Land visit, back entrance chained up, some deer and some views

  1. Unknown says:

    Great pictures!!  Am enjoying to see all the progress you\’re making.  The views are absolutely spectacular.  I don\’t know if I could live in those surroundings but I\’d love to visit as soon as we can.

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