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About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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  1. Gayle says:

    It is looking good over there!  Great to watch your progress on your blog and hearing the progress from our place.  Welcome to the Mtns Boyz….Our shower is always open.
    Your favorite neighbors
    Gayle & Jack

  2. Jean says:

    Looks like a tremendous amount of work has been done and much more to go.  Very impressive in making this dream of yours come true.  I wish you all the best in your endeavors and truly hope you find peace and tranquility up in Granite Falls and that this becomes a profitable investment as well.  Please let me know when you will be having your grand opening.  Take it easy.  Sid Forman

  3. Joel says:

    It was nice meeting you two at CC\’s this evening…
    Wish you you both the best in your new adventure.
    Jason and I will have to come visit :)~~
    We are on our own little adventure to Oahu soon…moving there probably end of the year.
    Take it easy!
    Joel and Jason

  4. Unknown says:

    I would like to say that I am very happy for u guys and I hope to visit your ranch as soon as I can.
         Sincerly,Tracy T.

  5. Unknown says:

    Please let me know when people can come to visit.

  6. Paul says:

    I\’m so impressed!  Even though I still don\’t understand this on-going craze for pack animals (maybe it will make more sense when gasoline breaks $4/gallon) it does my heart good to see you guys going forward and breaking the mold.  Go for it!  And keep us posted.
    I don\’t have a blog, but my web site is

  7. Paul says:

    I do have a have name — Paul Quesnell
    but it wouldn\’t let me enter it.  And I don\’t where this "PDQSeattleGuy" came from.  My hotmail account has morphed a lot over the years.

  8. Thunder says:

    Hi Guys! Looks like this will be a fantastic place to visit! A big WOOFERS out to big Tim! :^)

  9. Unknown says:

    nice guys…   beautiful area

  10. celeste says:

    Congrats on being featured this week! Looking thru your photos reminds me of when I lived in Spokane WA.  Beautiful landscape…anywho…best of luck with the ranch, and enjoy every freaking moment of it.  You\’ve found your little piece of heaven!

  11. Jessica says:

    Your story is nothing less than inspiring; you guys are geniuses capable of anything!  The llamas you have waiting for you are so majestic.  Gorgeous!  More llama pics please…

  12. christine says:

    I am not real sure how I got to your site, but it has been a most enjoyable trip.  I wish I could do the trip in real time.  I think your concept of mixing guests and some of God\’s beautiful creatures is brilliant.  If I were able, time distance and moneywise, I would be there in a heartbeat to help you on your venture.  You are bookmarked in my favorites. 
    May you be blessed with enough.
    Chris in Cleveland,OH

  13. Elizabeth Larene says:

    Stopping by to congratulate you on being featured this past week on What\’s Your Story.

  14. Peldin says:

    Hey boys !!!!! wish you grr8 luck in your venture…. i have a similar dream but am still moving in the corporate jungle wish attimes just like you did to win a lottery and go back in some faraway land close to nature…. and spend the rest of my life….. 

  15. Ann says:

    Hi!  Thanks for dropping a comment at my space!  You are right, the piece is a pie safe… a repro we got at, I don\’t remember, Sears or something.  I call it my book cabinet because we put our school text books in it… Wow, I think you guys are doing an amazing job at your ranch!  Your log home is awesome, I hope you post pics of it when it is done and decorated!  Kudos for being brave enough to go after your dreams!  I love the area you live in… We have family in Gig Harbor (we used to live up there, had an espresso bar in downtown Tacoma, Theatre District.)  Maybe someday we\’ll make a trip up to your ranch!  🙂   

  16. Cindy says:

    Good Morning!  WOW!  When I saw your name…PacaPride, I thought maybe it was some Packer fan with a Rap sorta handle!  Was I ever wrong.  hee hee
    Last week was the first time I had the experience of feeling the unbelievable softness of alpaca fibre.  We were at a county fair and they had a demo going on with people spinning it and making yarn. 
    If you don\’t mind, I\’d like to add you to my friends list.  This looks like some very interesting reading and viewing.  I\’ll have to check out your "goodbye to the honey bucket" video.  We have a cabin in northern Wisconsin and still have a two holer!
    Thanks for stopping by and come on back any ol\’ time.  Cindy   

  17. Unknown says:

    Super proud of you guys… and just a hint of jealousy.  ;o)  
    Looking forward to seeing you all again.  (Jake The Dog says to say hey to Max & Shadow)
    Peace to ya,

  18. Fallen Angel says:

    Good morning…thanks for the visit and kind comments…you have a great site here…will definately be back to see more.
    Take Care
    Ally xx

  19. Kim says:

    Hello, Last year was the first time that I was able to feel how soft alpaca\’s fur is.  I even had a pair of mittens made out of the yarn, they are so warm.  I have a friend that is very interested in raising alpacas herself.  Do you have any tips?  I live in New Brunswick, Canada, so the mittens come in real handy!!!  Your ranch looks amazing!!

  20. WhiteHaven says:

    Hi guys,
    Greetings from Germany !
    In Germany political analysts say a republican president would be better
    for Germanys economy…
    (especially for the export-industry)
    than I say a democratic president would be better for the world…!
    In Germany the majority would be voting for Obama!
    I wish you much success with your alpaca ranch!
    WhiteHaven from Germany

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