Once Upon a Time…How all roads lead us to here!

Well, this entry is a little bit about how I got to "here" from the proverbial  "there".
First a bit about what’s been going on these past several years.  Imagine if you will life in the quaint Seattle condo, blocks from the heart of the Capital Hill bar and nightclub scene.  Glenn and I experiencing somewhat of a rebirth of the club music and dance scene. It was hot, we were all that, and having fun too!  Heck, we even had some groovy vacations and cruises tossed in there too.
Then, something shifted from under our feet. There was change in the air for sure.  It was in the stars and boy was Mercury Retrograde taking on a whole new meaning.  Dad got brain cancer…he crossed over in ’02… the aught years had begun on some oh so unsteady ground.  It was a single polarizing moment for the family.  We got through it, but not without the ripples of trauma shifting all of us.  My work environment shifted: new players, a different boss, new management, a corporate culture in the decline over shadowed by outsourcing and republicans (not big fans).  The election of ’00 and ’04…need I say more? 
It was a wake up call.
We had our escapes through it all, one of them was the gay campground (www.camptrc.org).  (More on that in a separate entry, I’ll take you on a tour).  The campground was a retreat in the woods, a little piece of heaven in the middle of the forest.  We would set up a ‘semi-permanent’ site (think of the movie "Dirty Dancing" and the cabins in the woods, then stir in a little gay flair). We were up there quite a bit from March through October. 
So, with a confluence of factors, we were beginning to feel the tug towards doing "something else". 
We put our heads together and knew that:
    a) we no longer wanted to work in the Dilbert office
    b) to survive in corporate America, we would have to become a corporation
    c) there was something magical about that Mountain Loop Highway, wasn’t there?
    d) my job was going the way of ‘position elimination’
As we stewed on several notions for how to proceed, there were certain themes that kept reappearing. We loved the time we spent up at the campground, even more when we bought a yurt to enjoy up there.  We had seen some info in the past about llamas and alpacas, and I’d always joked that if we won the lottery we be raising a herd on some island in the San Juans.  Hmmm… maybe we should take a closer look.
And that’s what we did.  We looked and planned and found out that not only was it feasible, there was a cool piece of land AND it was on the same stretch of road that we were already familiar with.
Now it’s on with the…show…

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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