In Related Knews…Knitting and ChicKens

Knitting Class – begins Monday nights, 2/27

How much do we need to know about our alpaca fiber customer? Well, we’ll at least need to be able to talk the talk!  Taking a quick look at a common glosary of fiber terms such as this one from gives a person a good sense that there is more to this value chain than just some animals and some people knitting. 


So some more exposure to the fiber consumer is now forth coming as I get the artistic side of my brain cranked into gear at the quite well-known, Weaving Works, through their Beginning Knitting class beginning on Feburary 27th.


Ok, so I admit, I’ve been practicing a bit already with a basic knit dishcloth pattern.  I am already humbled.  I am glad it was a dishcloth and not a sweater, or the dreaded sock!  At least this 6 session, Monday night class will get me all straight on gauge and pick-ups, something about casting, and a bit about purl. Is there hope to get me beyond the simple scarf?


Chicken Class – Saturday, 2/25  

Well when it comes down to it, at some level we begin to recognize that the lifestyle to which we’ve become accustomed to in urbanity is going to become decidedly rural.  Starting to think of the farm and our organic appraches to what we grow in a garden, how we compost, and yes even chickens can contribute a great deal to the homestead.  Thus the upcoming City Chickens 101 on Saturday, 2/27. A very cool resource for the progressive and environmentally aware Seattle ubran dweller, Seattle Tilth offer this primer on chicken husbandry in an urban and suburban setting. From the description on their website:

"You will learn the most important considerations in caring for a small flock of hens in limited space, including chicken physiology, behavior, health, nutrition, housing and city regulations. This class also covers the wide variety of chicken breeds. Questions are encouraged. You will leave this class with everything you need to know to start raising chickens in your own backyard."

There you have it, some interesting stuff as we begin to flush out some of the minutiae that farm living will bring.




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