Land Progress Report: Barn Concrete In! Burn Permit is coming

Take a look through the pictures in the photo Album above for pictures: "Land Progress Report 2/22/06"

So yesterday was a fun day of some action at the land.  We had the actual pour occuring for the concrete floor of the barn.  It took two full trucks of concrete to make the slab and fill most all of the post holes we’ll need.  One hole was left to fill, but that will be done over the weekend as it wasn’t worth having another truck deliver concrete to fill 1 post hole.  This puts us in line to have the barn constructed starting next Wednesday!  Watch for pictures of the barn raising coming in the next week or two.


The other activities we have going are to get the yurt we currently own installed on the property.  That is what the circular deck was all about in the previous entry.  But this weekend we’ll have a bevy of other photos to post showing the assembly of the yurt from start to finish.  Now stay with me here:  we need the yurt up there because we are going to start burning all that wood debris.  In order to burn the wood debris, we have to be prepared to stay up there while the fires are going.  A cozy yurt will keep us warm and it will allow us to spend the night.  That also means a Honey-Bucket will soon get delivered as well to serve as our construction site restroom.  It all starts to line up from here.


But wait, we can’t doing all this burning without a burn permit!  Talk about a process here!  Not only do we have to have a water tank onsite with a dozer handy, but we have to also arrange for the fire marshall to inspect the site before we start burning.  Luckily, the burn permit is good for 60 days.  Hopefully, we can get this burning done WAY quicker than that!



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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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