Land Progress Report – Burn baby burn! 3/7/06

Well talk about working a long hard weekend!  Burning stumps certainly takes it out of you.  Check out the photos in the accompanying photo album "Land Progress Report – 3/7/06". 
You may recall from my previous entry that we are faced with the challenge of burning all the wood debris and stumps that were left when the land was previously logged.  Well, that logging happened  a few years back and so the two burn piles that were sitting there have started to compost.  So, one of the tasks was to break them apart and rebuild them back up to a nice tall pile.  Then it takes a whole lot of diesel fuel and a high velocity burn fan to get the hot coals going.  The pictures you will see are of me on the monster machinery grabbing stumps and logs and piling them up high.  Watch as the pictures progress from a chaotic mass of flotsom and jetsom to a fairly decent burn pile complete with a toasty molten core.  Yup, that’s Tim in there spraying diesel fuel into the pile.  Unlike unleaded gasoline that would explode, diesel burns nicely to get the pile started.  But, no matter what, wet wood just doesn’t burn!  So, more and more diesel and more and more runs into town for diesel and finally by the second day we had half of the pile in an ashen state.
Towards the end of the weekend we took the time to go through the second burn pile, shake it out, and restack it in preparation for more burning this next weekend.  That’s the second burn pile you’ll see to the left of the one that is smoldering.
In the meantime…
– Our barn construction has finally started up!  As of today, our barn guy was up there putting the starting pieces together.  They are a bit intimidated by the rainy weather this week along with the coming threat of a quick snow storm (which most likely will come and melt away quicker than you can notice it) so we probably won’t see a complete barn until next week or two.
– Our house permit is approved and ready to be issued!  This is huge!  It means we’ve been given the green light to start our construction.  Lincoln Logs should be getting a letter from the bank soon so they can do all the pre-cutting and then we’ll probably see a house package shipped out to us in April sometime.
Watch for more photos coming soon!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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