That quick Spring Snow, Mountain Lions, Power, and the Mountain

"Despite just having some foot surgery, I just couldn’t resist the calling of the land this past weekend…" ok that sounds way too romantic…  "We got a stump pile, it needs a burnin’, we go to the land, damn my sore foot!"  Nah, too catharsis-bitter. Well, hopefully, you get the idea.  We were keeping a close watch on this past weekend’s weather activities given the snow on Thursday, but our Green Mountain Report came in from Gayle and was quite promising.  So, we ended up taking advantage of a nice sunny day and ventured up there to tackle some more burning, at least for a part of the day, or until my foot gave out. 
Not much snow left on the ground from the storm.  That’s the nice thing about this area, if it does snow, it’s gone quickly.  That also worked slightly against us too.  As we worked at the stump piles the melting snow made it quite a bit muddy around them. That boosted the technical rating of this day’s stunt work.  As you can probably surmise, we didn’t get very far before my foot gave out.  We got the piles worked and smoldering a bit more, so the day wasn’t a loss, but I set really high expectations for myself.
On the good side we caught a few things on film while there.  How exciting it was to walk up to the yurt and see a trail of large cat tracks freshly planted in the melting snow.   Hmmm, perhaps earlier this morning?  They were quite big and you could see the claw marks in the snow.  I’ve attached several shots of the prints walking by the yurt, the small fire pit, and across the snow.  Our visitor was definitely checking things out and I would guess the cat was quite a bit bigger than a larger german shepard dog.  At least those paw prints were big!  Cougar maybe?
We knew we had to check out the northwest corner of the property because that’s were Gayle said all the commotion was on Friday with the hordes of PUD guys out there installing our POWER!!!  Look!  We’ve got our junction box and transformer!  It’s all ready to be hooked up!  My next task is to get a temporary utility polebox for the construction crew to run power off of. 
While checking the power out, Tim noticed the sun shining on Mt. Pilchuck.  So I had to capture a few pictures of that awesome view.  We’ll have to clear a few trees to get the full view that we have on the land, but this is really quite awe inspiring.
This week it is off to Milwaukee for a wedding, so check back here next week for an update.   It’s Mercury Retrograde period and that means we are returning to the drawing board on a couple of items and working to resolve some final issues that are delaying us on a couple of other fronts.  Hopefully, I’ll have some more news to share next week.  Stay tuned! 

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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