We have house! Er, house package, that is

Lots of pokers in the fire these days and it certainly shows over this past weekend. 
The main event was the Lincoln Log Home package being delivered on Monday.  It took two semi trucks and a full day to get everything unloaded and stored properly.  Be sure to check out the photos for its arival in the photo album under "Log Home Package Arrives! 4-24-06".  They story board out the prorgress.  We are really lucky to have a great pair of Lincoln Log Home Dealers, Ron and Pam Nicolson of Duncanwoods Homes  (check them out at http://www.duncanwoods.com/ ).  They were there the day before and took charge of the whole delivery process, inventorying and sorting all the parts and pieces.  I was utterly impressed!  This was a day of back breaking work hauling all the log siding into the barn and getting everything organized and secured.  They made it seem like it was easy as pie!
BIG thanks go out to Ron and Pam!!!!!
That wasn’t all the excitement going on.  Our contractor has our concrete guys hard at work getting the foundation moldings and footings in place.  We should begin to see some real progress happening in that pile of dirt that was dug out!  Below are some addtional pictures of the foundation guys at work.  Also, some further grading around the barn was continuing including getting all those stumps piled up on the east side of the barn.
Finally, check out the "Weekend Highlights 4-24-06" in the photo album for some fun pictures from the weekend. See if you can spot our "cougar" print maker…he is the black lab that we’ve so fondly begun calling "Cougar"…and he answers to it! 

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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