1890’s Gold Rush through the foothills to Monte Cristo

Picture this.  It’s the late 1890’s and the Pacific Northwest is still a wild frontier land.  There a small town of Everett, more like a fishing village and a small town or two scattered among river fronts.  Some adventursome prospectors discover a lot of shiny looking veins in the mountainside.  Well, the mountain they claimed was to become the site for the overnight town of Monte Cristo. 
Some astounding technical feats were accomplished just to build the railroad that went up our valley:  The Everett and Monte Cristo Railway.  There’s no doubt about it, Monte Cristo had more money spent on its operation than made from its ore, but the adventure left the area steeped with history and a number of destination spots for hikers to relive it.
Hmmm…seems like we’ve got to put a historic spin on these llama hikes and tell the story of this area.  Time to get to studying.  Check out these sites and photos:

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