Rainy day delays

Well, Memorial Day weekend came and went and attempts to get anything productive done at the land were shelved due to the weather being on the heavy side.  Not that we didn’t try.  I actually went up to the land the Thursday before the holiday weekend and was treated to non-stop rain squalls into Friday.  Even with our well draining soil, there was a lot of mud.   So, we cancelled the weekend. It would have been nice to have a bunch of friends there for the weekend, but it would have been really messy too.
This past weekend was a bit on the fence as well.  These springtime rains can come and go at a whim.  There were a few thunder and lightening squalls, but overall the land was seemingly dry.  Our main goal was rock hounding the pasture area.  We even rented a bobcat with a rock picker to do the job.  After a few attempts, we quickly discovered that the ground was still way to wet and soft from the previous rains.  The bobcat couldn’t get enough traction without sinking in. 
That didn’t stop us from some manual labor.  While it wasn’t raining we worked the field with good old fashioned manual labor and wheelbarrows.  We were able to get the big rocks out and most all the remaining wood debris too.  I think we are actually ready for planting! 
Then…it occurred…what’s this? It’s getting warmer!  The sun is out! It’s getting even warmer!  Quick man those staining stations!  It’s time for more log siding to stain! That’s exactly what we did.   We got right to it and were able to whittle down the pile even more with another larger batch of siding completely stained and topcoated before the day was done.  So, all was not lost this past weekend.  A lot of work got done and it is time to order some grass seed.

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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