Llamas dipped in chocolate

If you are following along, you’ll notice that we are planning some neat-o hiking excursions to nearby ghost towns and vista points with the attraction of llamas hiking alongside you.  They carry everything for you and love to go hiking too.  The most important thing they will carry will be lunch!  There is nothing like a nice catered picnic lunch when you get to your destination and you realize that you didn’t have to carry any of it with you.
So how’s this all work?  Well first you’ve got to find some llamas, and that was a huge task in itself.  We were looking for gelded males (those guys that have been snip-snip and are no longer "whole" if you catch my drift).  Ideally, we would like to find some with 4-H experience.  Then we know they will be used to people as well as a halter and lead. 
Lucky for us, our search led us to 3 chocolate brown llamas that fit the bill.  They are currently on sabbatical on Shaw Island.  Now I mean that quite literally;  we were able to meet Mother Hildegard from the Our Lady of the Rock Monastery.  So, you see, they are literally on sabbatical practicing their meditation in the grass fields. 
As soon as our pastures are growing and we can get our fencing installed, we’ll be looking for a trailer and will pay a visit to the monastery to pick up the boys. 
One of the most common questions I get about llamas is: "Don’t they spit at you?"  The best response to that is a llama will spit at you as much as a dog would bite you.  Llamas get the short end of the stick when it comes to their reputation. 
Take a look at the photo album for the llama photos (under "Our 3 llamas").  But here is a sneak peak at Yago…

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