Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, and a subfloor

Ahh, the days up in our own private meadow just keep getting nicer and nicer.  This weekend was no exception and there was a flurry of activities going on at the land. 
NOTE: All the photos for this past weekend can be found in the photo album titled "Land Pics 7-16-2006"
Of course, the first thing we were on the look out for was how our new subfloor looked!  We had heard it was completed for the most part.  Wow!  It really is starting to look cool!
I went up to the land a day earlier than the boys.  This was so that I could meet with our general contractor and review our electrical layout with him and get him the copies of our bedroom layouts for the framing of the walls.
After meeting with him and his electrician in the morning, I was invited down to our neighbor’s Jim and Rich for some coffee, so I headed over to them.  They live further up the road, about 5 miles, in a house on the river.  Jim is remodeling it from the bones on out so I stuck around and helped him do some of the drywalling in his hallway.  Then it was back to the land in the afternoon to take care of staining some boards.
I got about 10 of the log siding boards done when I heard this strange warbling call coming from our back entrance.  It’s our neighbors, Jack and Gayle!!! Yeah!   They just got back from Belize and brought us a bottle of rum.  I was surprised that Gayle had not actually seen our house plans yet, so, as I took them up for a tour of the new subfloor, I pulled out the plans and took them through the house.  Then Tim and Glenn arrived for the weekend.  We visited for a bit with Jack and Gayle and then we got ready to go back to Jim and Rich’s for a BBQ! 
As Saturday rolled around we started into several different tasks.  Jack came back over driving "Big Allis" the tractor and did some mowing for us around our well.  What looked like overgrown brush and bushes was quickly converted back to a front lawn of sorts.  Wow, that looks nice now!  Thanks Jack!  I got a chance to do some more hands-on with Allis and mowed the grass around the yurt. Allis was starting to get a bit fickle (I mean she is a really old tractor!) and so Jack headed back over to his place while she was still deciding to run. 
The big portion of the day was staining the log siding and we were so lucky to have our good friend Barb join us.  What a trooper!  She stained away!  We were even able to get to the corner pieces that were taking up a central portion of the barn and that allowed us to do some reconfiguring so that we could arrange the finished siding in a neat stack. 
Throughout the course of the day we took pictures of the deer that is just loving our new pasture grass.  We are going to have to put that fence up soon!  We also climbed through the access hole in the foundation to look under the subfloor and got some pictures of the large beams and floor joists under the floor itself.  Pretty cool!
All in all, it was a very productive weekend with blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  Such a nice summertime set of days!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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