Glenn sings: Seattle Men’s Chorus at City Hall

With 80+ degrees and not a cloud in the sky it was a nice break from the ranch construction to head downtown for the free lunchtime concerts at the new city hall.
What’s this?  Well, it’s the Seattle Men’s Chorus along with the Seattle Women’s Chorus being featured! OK, so I cheated a bit.  I knew this was happening and went to go grab Glenn from work and trot him to city hall to champion our rights and demand to see the mayor.  Oh wait, getting side-tracked, that’s a whole other we-shall-overcome moment.  Nah, today was just a treat to all those who were downtown to hear the great voices of these two spectacular groups. 
Here are the photos of Glenn (can you spot him?) singing along with about 1/4th of the total chorus population (ummm, it is a workday after all, not all 220+ members could be there).  Dennis Coleman is the director for the Seattle Men’s Chorus. 
You can find out a whole lot more about the chorus at the Seattle Men’s Chorus Website.  If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the city during the holidays, scoring  a ticket to the holiday show is a must!

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