Frickin’ Fraken Bracken Fernin’

Well here I am mid-week and up at the land.  But wait!  How is it that I am making a blog entry if that is the case!  Well it just so happens that I turned my laptop on to check if there were any wireless networks broadcasting around Granite Falls and lo and behold, viola!
So, I thought I’d start with a simple blog entry to test the connection speed and upload a picture or two from yesterday’s activity:  the war of the Bracken Ferns.  Yup, they are taking over the pasture and competing with the new grass so it was weeding the garden on a much grander scale.  That is where Gayle comes to the rescue (remember our neighbor…we’ll we’ve now graduated to family status,  Gayle is now my big sister.) So, Sister Gayle, hmmm, just got a flash of an image of her in a brown nun’s habit, strike that.  SO, Gayle, offers up here mondo heavy duty weed wacker.  That’s when I started salivating. 
It was off to work.  I started at the bottom of the pasture and with much evil laughter I imagined myself conquering the empire as all the bracken ferns hissed and yelped unable to escape their demise.
OK, OK, you have to remember there is no TV, no phone, nothing to distract me, so ‘scuse me a bit if my imagination runs off.  After all, it was in the 90’s yesterday and that sun was beating down on me.  A little loopiness is a good thing.
The picture is me decked out in all the safety gear and drenched in sweat.  Not my best…but I’ll file it in the "butch" pile.
 PS – MSN Spaces is having some difficulty at the moment uploading my photos, so I’ll try again tonight.  Look for a new photo album soon of the log stacking progress.
PPS. – Thursday – I’m back in the city on my other laptop that works!  So the pics are now attached!  Yeah!!!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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