Yeah!  I’ve got photos for you!!!  Check out the photo album titled: "Log Stacking – 7/22 through 7/27/2006"
For this past week I’ve been up at the land in HOT weather with the summer grasshoppers "clicking" around. (they click when they fly and they fly when it’s hot out)
Every day has been an early start for the workers.  Zev, our foreman, has got these guys rolling along. The first challenge was getting the special "starter course" logs set just right on the subfloor.  If this part went wrong, you’d find out when your log wall starts leaning at an angle.  Well, guess what, some of those logs turned out to be warped!  Yikes…ding, ding, ding…time to put out a fire!  Without the starter logs we need, we could see a delay of 2 weeks as we wait for replacement logs to arrive!  So, I jump in the car to drive next door and get on the horn to our trusty Lincoln Log Home dealer, Ron.  HE IS THE BEST!!!!   He had some starter logs left over from previous jobs for just such an emergency, AND, he was on his way out here the next day!!!
Whew!  Once we past that mark, it was a matter of getting our work crew trained with how to put this Lego set together!  For that, we were lucky enough to have two experts from K3 construction, who put Lincoln Log homes together all the time, come out to train them.  Steve and Luke quickly took charge and showed Zev and his crew how to set up their shop and work the logs.  When Ron showed up the next day, we had our starter course and Ron made sure that before he left, that starter course was installed with the precision our house requires!  THANK YOU RON!!!! 
Oh, and by the way,  have we mentioned much about Zev yet?  He’s our foreman and he ROCKS!  This guy has excited us about our construction with the level of professionalism he has shown and expertise he is demonstrating constantly.  He knows exactly how to manage his crew and gets right in there.  We are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that our GC Chris has put Zev on our project.
So, over the course of the last couple of days these guys have been stacking logs and we can begin to see the house taking shape.  This is very exciting!   I’m back in town now and will be here until Monday afternoon.  Then I’ll head back up to the land.  That means we’ll probably have about 3 more days of log stacking progress in the next set of photos.  Stay tuned and enjoy the phot album from this past 5 days!
PS. – I’ve got a support email into MSN Spaces trying to fix the Photo Uploader on my travel laptop.  THis way I can drive into town and upload the latest photos on a more frequent basis.  As soon as that happens, watch for more blog entries from up in Granite Falls!  No more waiting until I get back to the city!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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