It’s getting a bit batty

So it just dawned on me that we needed to add another entry to our category of wildlife stories, which I’m sure we are going to have plenty of.
Glenn and I are in the yurt ready to go to sleep.  We had a long day of huffing it on our tired dawgs and deicded to retire on the early side.  We climbed into bed around the 9pm mark, but even at that time it is still quite a bit light outside.  So, rather than directly drifting of to sleep, we sat around and read our books.  It was so nice and peaceful.  The mosquito netting around the bed keeps any stray bug from buzzing around us, even though the yurt is already pretty darned good at sealing them out already.
10pm rolls around and its bedtime.  Lights out.   Drifting off, drifting off…. *crackle*flit*flit*crackle.  HUH?  Ok, system alert level now raised…nope doesn’t sound like steer at our door… *scrape*scrape*scrape*…  Hmmm, that sounds like it is coming from outside…could be racoons?  OR, maybe its a mouse in the yurt going through a bag on the chair!  That’s it!  I’m wide awake now and ready as every to catch the little culprit in the glare of my high-beam flashlight and freeze him in his tracks!  Meanwhile, Glenn is groggily questioning my motivation as he was just at that point of dreamland.  How does he nod off so easily?
Scratch…scratch…scratch… FLASH ON! GOTCHA!  Er…ok, there is the bag, er, no mouse…*scratch*scratch*scratch*…ok, sounds like it’s outside the window!  In one fell SWOOP I fling open the shades and shine that light outside hope to catch a racoon with something in his grubby little paws!  (insert evil laughter here!) OK, I was a tad bit excited now.  What?  NOTHING!
By this time Glenn rolls over and looks me up and down with his half-lidded gaze, "What are you up to now?"  he manages.  "I uh, think its a mouse! No wait, its a ‘coon! No, er…", I stammer.  "Wouldya just come back to bed it’s just a moth flitting around in the yurt. See there it goes", he rolls over.
A moth????  Well, as soon as my brain wraps itself around that concept…WHOOSH!  outta nowhere I am dive bombed by the rodentia of the flying kind!  Yup, it dawns on me, "IT’S A  BAT! IT’S A BAT!" Now Glenn peaks out of the covers in bewilderment.  Not only that, but it is swooping and circling all through out our little yurt! 
WHOOSH!  WHOOSH!  Ah, no wonder there is not a bug in sight!  Our little bat beauty ate them all!  WHOOSH!  So, now at this point you have to imagine me opening the yurt door and trying to usher our little visitor outside…a priceless image I assure you. 
SO, we add to our collective stories that of a bat and I still ponder how that little sucker got in there.  I came to the conclusion that he must have darted in there and roosted in the tapestries when the door was left open just around dusk when they genereally come out to eat the bugs. 
I went to bed with visions of constructing bat boxes for our trees.  Between those guys and Stan and Marty, the mosquitos don’t stand a chance! BWAH HA HA HA!!!!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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