Day 3 – More Handling and Some Leading and a visit with a few stunning Sires

Back we went to “Pookhurst Ranch”,  Marty’s ranch for the 2nd part to the Basic Alpaca Handling course.  What another full day!  We really exercised our newly acquired skills on these animals today.  I really think the animals enjoyed it as much as us humans because the gelded boys were waiting at the gate to be herded into the catch pens for us to practice on. Yup, they knew the routine more than we did at this point.  We even got to work on Marty’s special training aid “Tina Turner” the llama leg trainer (complete with red plastic spoon toenails).

Already my wheels are definitely turning as I look towards working with our 3 llamas boys.  It probably is a really good thing that I’ll be stopping at Quality Llama Products at the end of this week.  After seeing what all is required for tack and supply, there are a few basics that I must acquire.

After the day’s training, we weren’t done.  All of us were invited to go over to Crescent Moon Ranch.  Now, they are sincerely a wonder of an operation.  Deb and Scott have ranching in their blood and have gone from 30 alpacas to 500 over a course of 5-6 years, one of the largest herds in the nation now.  I got to see up close some of the acclaimed herdsires in their posh pastures.  What a setup they have! What a passion too!  Scott could rattle off everything about the lineage of every one of his animals and it was clear that Deb had her herd management processes setup quite effectively.  

All in all, a very long, very filling day, about 15 hours filling in fact!  The best the bunch of us who carpooled could do was waddle into Burger King to scarf down some fast food at 9pm. That was the most satisfying chicken sandwich!  My head is a saturated sponge and there is a puddle of knowledge gathering around my feet. 

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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