Gonna see a man about a horse…trailer…AND help with tasks ahead of us

Something must be aligning in the stars this week allowing me to flow smoothly from one task to the next because the effort required to research, compare, locate, and acquire a 2-horse bumper pull trailer was, in fact, quite without challenge.  Even when faced with the predicament of trying to turn our business check into cash on a Sunday afternoon (because the seller would only take cash) proved easy at the local Safeway.  Hmmm… when things align this way, I do take note.  In a way, its a reassurance that we are remaining focused on the end goal.  I mean how often does one have the opportunity in life to end one chapter and begin a total new one.  We are reinventing ourselves here and in the process we are learning much about the potential that we have to make things into a reality.
But back to the man with the horse trailer… We just needed a simple starter trailer.  Didn’t want to spend too much. So, I turned to Craigslist and found me some leads.  Two days of calling and emailing and I had located the top 3 picks.  The first one was the one I’d really want if it proved sound and without any defects or problems.  So off we went today and got it! From Buckley, Washington (south of the city) to Granite Falls (north of the city) it pulled so smoothly behind the truck.  Yeah, its got some rust here and there, but it is a 1975 model, heck, its 30+ year old.  The prior owner cleaned it up, installed new lights and tires, but we know the brakes on one one side need work.  The price?  $950.00  That fits in our budget! (and it matches the truck!)
So, trailer is now done and this week I place the order for the fencing materials to be delivered.  These next several weeks we’ve got some tasks ahead of us and could sure use extra help while the summer weather is still with us.  With that in mind, I’ll begin to include a "what’s on my radar" listing so that we can share what’s going on and where we may need some helping hands from our friends (of course, we are bartering future stays as guests at the ranch!)  Here’s the Radar Screen snapshot…
On Our Radar:
1) Pressure washing the stacked logs in preparation for staining the first floor log stack. Anyone got a pressure washer they can bring up?
2) Staining the Logs of the first floor…Staining is much easier than painting, but the canvas is a big one and the more help we can get the quicker it will go.
3) Trailer renovations:  The new trailer needs the rust on the inside ceiling worked off and sprayed with rust stop.  Then we paint it pretty.
4) Fencing the pastures and paddocks: Renting a post hole digger, put in the wood posts, unroll the fence, put in the gates, viola!
5) Bring the llamas from Shaw Island to their new home…wanna come along with me to get them?  Learn a bit about handling a llama the llama-whisper way! 

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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