Making due with an office in the pasture

Here I am juggling a bunch of different balls this week.  While finalizing the fencing order with our farm supply, I am also tackling identifying a veterinarian for our herd.  Contacting a few alpaca ranches in the local area, I was able to find a few references.  Great!  The big challenge still remains with our rezone effort.  In a nutshell it meant that this week, while up at the land, I would be doing mostly administrative type work.  Rather than driving back into the city and working from the apartment, I wanted to be available for any contractors showing up to do work.  I also need to prepare for the weekend’s activities surrounding the staining project.  (Really, staining wood is much easier than painting…such fast and satisfying work!)  Thus, I decided to set up my office with a perfect view down pasture, under the loafing shed of the barn.  My secretary for the day was Uber, the llama.  He really could only assist by looking at me silently as I asked him how I should proceed with my tasks.  Oh he is so wise! His tactic works!  He let me figure out for myself!  Ahhh, Uber, I couldn’t have done it without you.  Actually that’s one of the things you learn when handling llamas, you let them figure it out for themselves.  Whether it be working with a picket line or being in a catch pen, they are smart, they just need some time to process what you are having them do without you forcing them through it.  So, we slow down.  Llama handling is almost akin to a meditation practice.  You follow certain mantras and your llama will smile.  Ok, back to work!




About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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