Watching Ellen…

So, I’m watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and she is all about blogs!  I love it!  I wrote her an email about our project.  I remember reading somewhere last year that she also had a few alpacas or llamas at her ranch.  I think he mother (oh Mama!) Betty, lives out there. 

I’m just picturing the day when we can get her out to our ranch.  Who knows, maybe she’ll even pull up our blog and I’ll get a comment on here!  That would be cool.  Ellen is one of those shows that top our Season Pass listing on our Tivos (yup plural there).  I love that her new season just started again.  She is great at what she does and, really, when it comes down to it, makes a difference in other people’s lives.

I really take my cues from people like this in the world.  A big portion of why we are even doing this project is so that we can position ourselves to do something good in the community.  I imagine a day that we’ll be able to bring at-risk youth groups or organizations that help children dealing with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or other diseases, out to the ranch.  They can stay in the yurts, we’ll have mini "4-H" style animal handling workshops, work with fiber arts and crafts, educate while giving them and uplifting and motivational experience they might not otherwise have in the city.  Eventually, I’d love to put in a rope challenge course too.

Well, keep imagining with us if you will.  I firmly believe that what we vision can be made manifest.  The more folks we have out there spinning positive energy towards our project, the more grace that will be generated around it. 

To live in a state of Grace is a blissful and beautiful thing.  What better way to get you there than taking a look at this site: You’ll be "awwww"-ing over all the cutie little animals!  Sure to generate good vibes.  Here’s one of our ferret snuggling in her blankie. Be sure to check out the baby alpaca after its first shearing.  Awwww!!!!  I’m sure Ellen would get a kick out of this site.


About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Watching Ellen…

  1. Ready to fly? says:

    Yurts and llamas! Both so exotic that I\’m not even sure I seldom right. Man, you guys are cool. You\’ve got all my positive energy.
    Abe Munder, the Wheeled Wonder

  2. Ready to fly? says:

    Sorry, that should have been "I\’m not even sure I spelled them right." Voice recognition software fart.
    Have a great weekend.

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