Enter the Blackberry…no, not a Blackberry, blackberries..you know the berry…not the…

Well, ok…so, “Enter The Blackberries”… (say it with a little fanfare and cymbal crash, like “Enter the Dragon!”)

September is the time when the summer decides to simmer, crockpot just set to tepid at times. If it rains, sure it will be in the mid to upper 50’s.  But the weather has been somewhat kind thus far…and that means kind to the blackberries.  They are in their ripening stage and I’m picking them like crazy!  So, if you are in the area, stop by and go blackberry hunting, make a cobbler, heck even use Bisquick, if you need a cheap fix.  My advice, get the scone batter mix, you know the one they sell at the grocery store that comes from the state fair.  I prefer my ‘cobbler-ed’ well, thank you, and warm, with vanilla ice cream. (drizzle a little carmel….drool, drool…)

We didn’t even get a chance to think about those blackberries these past couple of days.  It’s been all about the fencing.  I’m feeling butch.  Day one  (Tuesday 9-12-06) had us upgrading the weed whacker weaponry from swirling plastic string to full-tilt circular saw blade.  This sucker reminded me of Scary Movie meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  You just whack away at that brush, and even small alders and whammo! They be gone! I tell ya, I didn’t know such manly power things existed! I am ruler of my domain. 

I did some warm-ups with the regular weed whacker; carved a path through the pasture where the alleyway was meant; cleared the fence line all around the perimeter.  However, I really wanted to focus in on the two great old stumps still in the ground that have a couple good trees growing from them.  I intend on incorporating this into a pasture corner.  It’s at the start of the pasture, south of the barn, and was all overgrown with thorny salmonberry, blackberry, and small hemlocks crowded in together.  I’ll clear some of the lower dead branches, out of reach of the animals, yet giving them shelter.  Since it’s located near the start of the main alley that will lead to the guest yurts, it may serve as a nice introduction to the animals and the pastures, as the alpacas may hang there for treats.  It is starting to look presentable.

Tim and I have focused his first whole day here, my day two, on fence posts.  First, knowing how neophytes we were with fencing, we knew that there comes a point when research, book learning, and theory are converted into action.  So, I chose short 75 foot run way in the northeast corner, behind the large yurt location, where no-one will really pay heed (unless you blog-o-readers, take note and seek it out! Twah! …ok more a sound than a word, heard it on South Park when they had that magician guy who froze himself…but I digress).  Tim got to run the 1-man hydraulic auger that, well, one man can operate.  Imagine one of those old-fashioned little blown glass bird things that you set near a glass of water and it see-saws up and down over a fulcrum.  Now picture it with a huge drill bit instead of a beak.  We men, we dug holes.  The wood posts just dropped right in, some of them getting quick-mix concrete.  After we finished the short practice span of fencing we had the general process down.  So we focused the rest of the day on putting in wood posts.  We’ll get all those in since the post-hole digger is a daily rental charge.

I’m in our yurt as I post this. When I next go into town is when I’ll upload it with some pictures.  For now I sign off to go snuggle under my comforter and sheep skin cocoon of a bed, cozy and warm as a silkworm. (Yes, silkworm, it’s the only bug to be snuggled in as, and can you imagine when you spin it with alpaca! Darling, fabulous!) The rain has just begun to fall outside, a nice pitter patter, not some super storm of the coast of Florida, gads!  Good night!


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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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