Good Things come in Threes! Auction, Oysters, Halloween

Events, Events, Events!  This weekend was all about events.  And oh what a range:

          The AgForestry Benefit Gala Auction

          Oyster Frenzy! At the Flying Fish Restaurant

          Halloween Bash at The Cuff Nightclub

 Yes, everyone, there are plenty o’ pictures.  You can find them all in 3 new photo albums under the photos section of my blog.  Have fun!

 Yup, this weekend, I left the mountains for the city.  The llamas got a free pass for the pastures and are grazing away and I’m hoping that I’ll be truly surprised with the construction progress on the house upon my return this next week. But for now, it was party time!

 Our first event was obviously the most conservative of the venues.  It was the Benefit Gala and Auction.  Now, if you know me at all you know I pay close attention to signs, symbols, and synchronicities.  For us, these were abounding and plentiful at this event.  First off, when we got our auction number, it just happened to be “111” the number that has been practically plaguing me in its appearances over this past 2 years (along with 222 and 444, but that’s a whole other blog entry).  Then as we walked up to the silent auction portion, what’s the first thing we should see?  They were offering a commemorative tin of Lincoln Logs!  Of course, since we are building a Lincoln Log Home, we just had to have this!  We plopped down 111 onto the guaranteed bid and scored us a pretty cool addition to the grand room coffee table! J  All in all, a fun event filled with lots of wine and good food.

Speaking of good food, the next day we entered into Oyster heaven at a fabulous cocktail style event at the Flying Fish Restaurant in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.  They had all the featured oysters of the Puget Sound areas including the oyster growers themselves shucking their wares.  It was a frenzy!  You grabbed a glass of wine or beer and ran from table to table slurping down those raw ones, grabbed those fried ones with lots of tartar for dipping, and feasting on the different baked ones featured.  The event run from 1-4pm and everyone was lined up out the door to get on in and get chowing.

Well, with all that aphrodisiac energy flowing through me, I decided on a whim to go to The Cuff’s annual Halloween Bash.  The Cuff is one of the well known gay nightclubs on Capital Hill.  However, it was so nice to see how mixed the crowd was, everyone was festive and having a great time, gay and straight together!  What fun!  Of course the costumes were off the hook.  I managed to capture quite a few, so enjoy a smattering of shots from the evening.

Whew!  Well, it’s recovery Sunday and we’ll be brunching at home and making some homemade chicken salad and having duck for dinner (umm, did we mention we love to cook? You’ll have to visit the ranch!!!).  I’ll be back up at the land again just after I pick up a 3 foot sub sandwich treat for the crew.  I’m sure my llamas are gonna want to go walking too, so I’ll have my hands full; and just a reminder for all you locals, come on out and take a llama for a hike with me, it is a really neat fall activity, the trail across from us is spectacular right now.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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