Blustery Fall pushing out the balmy days

It’s blustery outside this past week upon my return to the land.  The winds are gusty in the Seattle area, and there is rain.  Now for all you folks who are not from Seattle reading my blog, you really need a frame of reference when understanding “rain” in the Pacific Northwest.  When it “rains” here, it isn’t this constant torrential outpouring of the heavens that never ceases.  Quite contrary, it comes in waves.  If it is raining out, just wait about 15 minutes and it will pass and stop, maybe another shower will follow, but at least the weather tends to break itself up a bit.  Well, this week it was really proving just how active our weather systems have become up here.  We got our rain showers in squalls that swam on in.  You could watch them almost float up the mountain canyon, down our pastures, and through the trees. 

It certainly motivates the crew to get that house enclosed so that they aren’t working in the weather.  I just decided that I would hole myself up in the barn because, believe it or not, we still have staining that needs to be done.  This is easy stuff though.  It is all the trim and dimensional lumber that will be used outside around the windows and doors.  So, I set up some halogen lights and stacked up the wood to be stained and got rolling.  Next thing I knew it was 5:30pm.  I peaked out the door around the 3 o’clock mark when the workers were wrapping up, but wow, what a shock it was to look out later on and see that it was pitch black at 5:30pm!  I mean, it was darker than dark!  Those clouds were blocking out any and all light that could have landed.  Bigfoot could have been walking across my soon-to-be front yard and I would have been clueless.  

Yup, that’s what we get when we “fall back” with our time change.  At the same time, these squalls are making for some fun muddy spots around the front of the house.  I just hope the steady pace of the crew remains and we get that roof and house wrapped. 

This time of year is really odd weather-wise.  The blustery weather is the epitome of autumn and coupled with some balminess it can be quite enjoyable.  The temperature tends to be holding steady: 50’s in the day 40’s into the night.  However, we had our first frost sneaking in there. One day I woke up to look at the temperature gauge and saw that it was 20 degrees outside…and it was chilly, chill-eh!  I did NOT want to get up.  When I made it outside, it looked like a scene from the ‘Day After Tomorrow’ where the ice wind descended and froze everything it touched.  Every blade of grass was like it was dipped in liquid nitrogen and had that bright white glow of frost.  At the same time, the green in the grass seemed to look even greener! It was an eerie scene.  Then I saw the llamas and even they had a coat of white frost on their fiber.  But, they were as happy as can be.  I think they just looked at the grass and thought: “Ice Cream!”  

Ah well, back to construction, I know the most recent pictures have been all about structural framing, but if you take a closer look, you’ll actually see that the electrical rough-in is also well underway.  Of course we’ll have those special switched outlets under the eaves of the roof just for the Christmas lights!  Enjoy the pictures.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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