Wet, wet, and more wet…a river runs high

As you’ve no doubt have heard by now, the Pineapple Express has inundated the Seattle area with its warm November rains.  When this happens in our neck of the woods it means that the river will swell to mammoth proportions since there is no snow on the mountaintops yet to hold it back.  Everything comes sluicing off at a million miles an hour.  This year was no exception to the general flood season that is November.  The excitement this time came in the form of “Blue Bridge”, which is the bridge further up the road from us, having a log jam that caused it to get closed due to the banks getting washed out.  That cut off a number of people from their homes further up the mountain.  One of those was our friends Jim & Rich who’s hot tub was made famous on the 5 o’clock news as it drifted down the river and into history.  They sent a picture of their damage which was quite serious. 


Lucky for us, we have no concern for flooding on the plateau upon which we are situated.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t pools of water here and there, but when even our well-drained land gets pools of water in certain grassy spots, you just KNOW we’ve been hit with a lot of water falling in the mountains.


So here is this strange juxtaposition: storms rolling in on election night eve.  I could sense that huge changes were in the air!  The democrats would rule! (and that republican Mcgavic character running for senate, you know the one former CEO from Safeco that I hold in low regard, would be out of the running!)  The progressives are out in force and the results are plastered all over CNN.  Lovely!  I slept that night in my yurt with the rain pounding in waves knowing that I’d indeed wake up to the beginning of the end of a nightmare that was Republican in this country.


The construction crew is struggling to get the rest of the roof on in between all the rainbreaks.  It’s a bit disappointing that we still don’t have that watertight shell yet.  The pace is definitely something that I’m not happy with, especially when you couple it with yurt-living in damp weather now.  Grrrr!


SO, I’ll stick with the main thread here being the river:  May its flowing energy wash away all the bad energy and reinvigorate the land with a freshness of spirit that will allow my house to be completed in a nimble manner. We pray to all the pagan gods and goddesses for their blessings (since it seems all the Christian Right folks have ‘flooded’ the pray lines and brought the Jesus server down for the time being with the election).  I took a walk to the Granite Falls Fish ladder, took some pictures… Went to Blue Bridge, took some at the peak of the river flowing… Even walked through the lower, and very wet, forest part of our property to check out what happens when we do get a lot of rain. (It was cool to discover the stream flowing and rediscovering the old lumber road that cuts through this entire section (think future trails and yurt locations!)


Enjoy the pictures!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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