A Window to the Future

And maybe one we can close to the rain!  Ah, I woke up today and found that the construction crew had already installed our first window!  I must say, this construction crew up here right now are hard workers.  It’s been quite rainy and wet (a running blog entry theme) and they have worked through it all.  If anything, they are certainly motivated to get that darned house closed up! 

Talking about windows, we happen to be in a Mercury Retrograde window until November 20th.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I tend to think that there is something to be said for the ebb and flow of cosmic forces at work on our electromagnetic existence. So, I pay attention to what the planets in our solar system tend to be doing so as to sync up with the flow (remember I’m all about “the flow”).  With Mercury Retrograde periods, there is a tendency for certain patterns to occur:  lost items can be found, unfinished projects can rediscover new life, communication and technology breakdowns tend to occur (backup your computer!), and especially, you are never to sign important papers during this period.  As a Virgo, with Mercury ruling my sign, I tend to really feel the impact of these periods.  Things tend to stutter and slow down.  However, this has been a “light” retrograde period; certainly reflective and retrospective (all those “Re” words are typical Mercury Retrograde).  But this week I found myself dusting off my draft of our newer website under development and had a bit of a Jerry McGuire moment as I “re”-invigorated this project with new energy.  Guess what? It flowed! J I got several webpages powered out and ready for their content.  It was exciting and “re”-minded me of the foundational tenets of what we are trying to accomplish.  Sometimes, you just got to pull back and see the entire forest to clear your head a bit. 

I found myself falling under further mercurial sway as I turned my attention to the ever growing pile of lumber and trash debris.  I’ve put off burning any of this because of the rain, but with a break in the weather on Tuesday, I dove in and built a bonfire.  It’s good to feel like you are making progress on something even if it is with the trash.  (Of course I sorted out all the toxic stuff like Styrofoam and plastic, don’t want those going into the air).

Speaking of horoscopes, I don’t believe those daily ones that are touted in the newspapers and such are very helpful, but I do like those that give an overview of what is happening in the cosmos that we should pay attention to.  For the last several years, I’ve been following Susan Miller’s Astrologyzone.com site.  What I like is she tells it very matter of fact: eons of observations have subscribed certain symbolism to the planets based on correlations with patterns that recur, by observing them we can identify general patterns that tend to occur, so here is what is happening for this month… That kind of thing.  I must say, eerily enough, after a while I found myself making note of the dates and periods she mentions in her monthly outlook for the planets in my sign.  As I become more attuned to these patterns, I have found her extremely accurate with her interpretations.  I highly recommend taking a look at your sign.  For me such an exercise is a reminder that there are many levels of forces at work in our lives, some spiritual, some physical, some may even be cosmic, the more we can tune into these the better we raise our awareness and the more impacted our growth and learning will become in this earth school.

OK, so this blog entry was a bit Shirley McClaine, but I like her too, even read her book about her journey on the Camino.  I feel like the Mountain Loop is my Camino and everyday we get closer to actually manifesting this new reality and the reinvention our ourselves, it seems that my awareness is growing keen to some incredibly powerful spiritual forces that are afoot setting up how our new novel will be read in this, the age of Aquarius (cue the theme song from “Hair”).

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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