A Snow Covered, Acid-Washed, Double Thanksgiving Whammie!

I’m going to start this blog entry by saying, "Go Team!"  This past week started revving up on Monday.  I cruised back on to the land on Tuesday morning after stopping off to pick up parts for our wood stove (a journey I shall repeat tomorrow to get more stuff).  The moment I got up to the land I was immersed in the action.  There is so much going on up here at the moment and the momentum is nice to feel.  The next couple of days were about preparing for our Thanksgiving break punchlist which was going to begin on Thursday with the arrival of the boys from the city.  That’s right, a Thanksgiving dinner was not in the plans until our return on Sunday (this being the compromise "recovery day" after our return to the city). Boy, were we wrong about that!

Wednesday morning saw the formulation of a T-Day dinner at our friends Jim’s house up the road.  Before we knew it, we had a T-Day meal to go to on Thanksgiving after our day of chores which included a run to the dump.  Not only that, but Saturday had our dear neighbor Gayle cooking a leftover TDay sandwich melange to which we were welcome to partake.  It was really looking like our meals would be blessed with friends.

The big work challenge that would unfold over the  course of this Thanksgiving holiday break had to do with the inside perimeter of the house: the flat sides of all the logs.  They ultimately need to be stained and it looks like that is what I’ll be focusing on this week.  However, the devil is in the prep work.  We had to address the weathering that has occurred since the logs went up. So, our punchlist went something like this:


    1. Scrub the walls with  a bleach and citric acid wash.
    2. Brush on a coating of Phosphoric Acid (a weathering removal agent).
    3. Palm sanding: "wax on…wax off, grasshopper"
    4. Benite application, to even out the wood for the stain.


We were welcomed to Friday morning by a white blanket of snow, about an inch (note the pic, mom).   Quickly we scampered to the house and started a turbo-sized propane turbine heater.   That’s where we spent the day.   Saturday was much the same and by then, we had hit our stride well.  It’s so nice to have a team that knows how to work so productively with each other…oh synergy!

One thing that’s nice when you hit a stride is the way the time seems to go by so fast.  Literally, wrapped within the house, so that the heat wouldn’t escape, the day turned into dark (that’s around 5:30pm now).  I checked the phone for messages and discovered that the  crew next door at Jack and Gayle’s were coming over for a quick drop by visit to check our progress.  It truely gave us the extra motivation we needed to finish.  We ended up over there around 9:30pm, starving. 

So here it is Sunday, the promised day. Glenn and I left the land after leaving the llamas with enough grass.  They romped and froliced in the snow, but for now they remain in the paddocks.  Happy llamas.

The turkey is in the oven…and the city is enjoying snow.  This is rare for the city.  Of course, it is only natural that if the city gets snow, that the mountains should get even more.  Last I checked, I’m looking forward to returning to at least 6 inches.  That’s around the waist…from Glenn’s famous turkey gravy and even more famous mashed! So I shall say, "Goodnight!" Jump ovre to the photo album to check more of the latest pictures. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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