Snow! No Power! No Phone! Eee-gads! I’m on Exile Island!

Wow what an adventure these past five days have been! I arrived Tuesday to a foot and a half of snow falling on the land with no sign of stopping. Of course, the power had already been out by then.  Trees on the Mountain Loop Highway were getting laden with snow and falling over.   It is good practice to carry a chainsaw with you in the car when traveling up here right now.  Certainly, (like our breaking the record amount of rainfall, ever) this is not typical for the area we are in.  But, we are constructing thus assuring that if ever there were to be a year of record rain AND snow surely it would be this?  I bought a snow shovel early in the day and dug my way from the car to the yurt.

The first item of business was turning on the propane heater.  Brrr!!!  That yurt is insulated with polartec fleece and this bubblewrap style insulation.  It will get a nice toasty 80 degrees inside.  That is where I’d spend the next several days.  Well, there and to the barn via that carved out path I shoveled.  At least I was able to plow through the powder and up the driveway to make it here.   The next morning I awoke to a spectacularly white, and overwhelmingly silent scene.  You could here a tree falling now and then in the distance and on Wednesday evening the phone cut me off just as there were some brilliant blue and yellow flashes of lights in the sky….there went some transformers!  Yikes!

We have an old generator that wouldn’t start. (I think I might add "gas generator" to that wishlist again.) So, it was a return to the primitive with no power to rely on.  Luckily, I have battery backup and the refrigerator and stove in the barn are both propane.  But no microwave!  I couldn’t reheat my leftover TDay Glad press-n-seal meals!  I broke down and fried up some of my famous sausage stuffing; just couldn’t wait. 

When I went exploring down the driveway I encountered  the powerline blocking the way.  I was officially trapped!  It would take another full day until it was cleared.  Ah well, plenty to keep me busy up above.  The llamas followed me down the pastures for some beautiful pictures.  I was able to get some good shots of the mountains and the views.  I also tried out the video clip feature on my camera.  If you haven’t noticed, under the photo album on this blog there is a new feature: Windows Media Player.  I’ve gone YouTube!  (sprinkle fanfare here)  From now on, you can look forward to more than just still shots!  That’s right moving pictures!  With sound even!  Oh I feel faint!  The Windows Media Player will feature the latest clip from Paca Pride.  Right below it you’ll see a listing for other previous clips as well. 

Even cooler is the new version of Internet Explorer.  Have you downloaded it yet? IE version 7.  It’s got a little "RSS" feed button on the tool bar and using the "Subscribe to RSS Feed" button found above in my "Visitor’s Tools" section, you can begin to receive a special page that features the updates made on the blog!  Or help us attract new subscribers by using the "Tell a Friend" button.  Maybe 6 degrees of separation will get us in touch with Ellen Degeneres if a friend tells a friend… tells a friend. 

The snow is beginning to melt away in the rain that is falling and I made it into town to bring you pictures.  I’ve uploaded a full album of photos from these past 4 days complete with captions for you to enjoy.  I just had to come back and recharge the batteries (literally and figuratively).  I’ll be heading back up tomorrow, with Glenn, who’s got an SMC holiday concert to perform at on Saturday (tix still available!)  We’re going to start staining the inside logs if it is warm enough. 

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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