All the snow is gone…but the sky grey

Yup, once again we are being told to batten down the hatches as another winter storm warning gets issued for the Pacific Northwest.  While there may be a possibility of snow, the projected temperatures are looking like it won’t be allowed to remain.  However, it’s time for me to bring out my ruby red slippers and play Dorthy ’cause apparently its the winds that are going to be the main event of this storm.

 This week has been fairly productive in terms of the house: more siding is going up, the electrician is out here today and tomorrow to finalize everything for inspection, and we are even seeing the appearance of some shingles.  Aside from that, I’ve also been meeting with some land workers, you know those guys who move dirt around on big toys, to bid out the clearing of our lower and front pasture area.  We need the road cut along the perimeter of the property to access this area and all the old wood debris from the previous logging stacked up for burning.  Then I can move in and renovate for pasture and finally, fence it in.  Once we get it cleared, I’ll have a better idea of just how to separate the areas into pastures so we can make the best use of rotational grazing strategies. 

The weather seems to be the main factor that we revolve around at this time of year for any of these projects.  For example, today we were supposed to have some loggers come cut some trees, but too windy.  The land clearing will depend upon the land draining at least a little bit so that it’s not all mush when the heavy equipment moves through it.   So, it seems that nature sets the pace regardless of planning.  Though, I’m learning that wrangling contractors is much more difficult than wrangling llamas, with or without the weather!

Speaking of corraling, our barn cats also haven’t arrived yet.  The really nice rescue lady is having a challenging time capturing them up in her garage.  Apparently they are a little skittish of the traps that were set for them and its a big garage.  We hope to see them soon. 

It’s a slow time of the year for sure, though it is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already.  We’ll be skipping most of the holiday festivities as we focus on work at the ranch, but I have a few surprises in store for some of you lucky blog readers!  Be sure to check in on the blog regularly and watch for a special announcement that will demand some fast fingers to respond via email!   

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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