The Paca Pride Punchlists: House, Ranch, Resort

Some of you may have noticed the list "On our Radar" disappeared.  Some of you even mentioned it to me too! (I always find it neat when people take the time to suggest things…thanks for reading this blog!)  Well, from the suggestions, I’ve morphed that list into something new…

You’ll now find three new lists located right below our updated "Ranch Wishlist" each titled "The Paca Pride Punchlist" and focusing on the three main areas of House, Ranch, and Resort.  These lists will give you the 30,000 foot view of the project.  I’ll also be updating the progress of the items on the list with comments such as "Not Started", "In Progress", "Ongoing", etc.

If you think of something that we may be forgetting, by all means send me an email!  Good planning is the necessity for us and many eyes can weed out any missing pieces or potential for error. 

Thanks to all you readers out there for following along with our progress!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to The Paca Pride Punchlists: House, Ranch, Resort

  1. Cassie says:

    Sorry I haven\’t been around lately. I\’m so behind on reading blogs!

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