Let’s do the Limbo! Plus, our newest arrival

Well, folks this has certainly been a very interesting holiday season to get through.  About two days before Christmas, I felt myself coming down with something.  That something turned out to be a pretty fierce flu like something.  It knocked me out for the entire Christmas weekend and into that following week…and I mean full tilt knock out.  I lived on the couch for about a week with fever and body aches and loving me some cough syrup.  Still, I struggle to clear the crud that stubbornly clings to my lungs.  Of course, Tim came down with a version of it too and is now starting to feel a bit better.

It would be nice to have celebrated Christmas in the new house.  As late as this past August, you could still hear us talking about that as a possibility.  Of course this was based upon what our General Contractor told us at the time.  But, as we’ve come to see, what we are told and what comes to pass are two different items.  I sometimes wonder how those who work in construction can make a successful business of it.  Alas, we are not it the house, heck, as of the end of the year even the plumber had not started.  Thus the theme of limbo.  Limbo is what we are living through right now.  Most of our household is in storage: furniture, decor, kitchen items, library, etc.  This is a very interesting exercise for one to go through.  Imagine what it will be like when we finally get to bring the entire storage unit to its new home. It will be like Christmas as we rediscover everything we own.  I can hardly wait!

Of course this past holiday season was not without any activity.  The Tuesday after Christmas, I lugged myself off the couch, out of shear Tivo boredom and couch potato frustration, and went with Tim to Mervyns closing sale in Lynnwood.  This store had some great fir wood shelving of assorted depths and heights.  We spent over two grand on shelving and also got a display case and display shelves for the ranch store.  We got a lot for the money too!  These shelves will be used for a number of different things.  For starters, our master bedroom closets will be installed with the 10 footers.  Then there is the office closet, pantry, mechanical room, libraries in the master bedrooms, and even the barn.  We’ll probably save some for the large yurt as well.  The nice thing about these is that they are stainable.  We can finish them and they will look superb.  We actually  transported them all over the New Year’s weekend up to the barn. It took two trips to get them all.

New Year’s weekend was spent up at our neighbor’s log cabin.  It was very low key: lots of movies, more couch potato action, and some game playing.  But by New Year’s day I can tell you that I was growing pretty weary of this routine.  Ah, limbo.  At this time there is not much to do but feed the llamas.  We can’t really do much outside work since the weather has been awful.  If it is not raining and turning everything to mud, its snowing and turning everything to ice.  So, cleanup after the logging, for example, sits and waits.  

At least the construction crew keeps plugging along.  In between rain breaks they get back on the roof to work on more shingling.  They are focusing on areas unaffected by vents.  We finally saw the plumber arrive yesterday to start with all the venting that needs to poke through the roof.  Hopefully, we’ll see the plumbing job completed within a week or so and the roof will follow.  I spent a good portion of the morning with the plumbers to confirm what was getting installed and where.   The electricians also showed up again to complete their rough-in work and ready us for the first inspection.  I’ve been gritting my teeth with anticipation of getting off the temporary utility pole and getting regular power in the household outlets, heaters, and barn.  

We’ll at least I’m dry as I house-sit our neighbor’s house who are snowbirding in Belize.  Staying in the yurt is quite difficult right now as it is prone to being really damp.  This is due more to the temporary nature of the deck its constructed on and its lack of weather stripping.  When we installed it early last year, I wasn’t expecting to be in it through the entire winter.  I’ve had to revisit the bed to winterize it as condensation collects on the air mattress and thus can cause mildew…not fun. 

Overall, I’d say we’ve had a great start to the New Year in terms of synchronicities though.  I’ve got a warm place to stay right next door to the construction, and I’ve got company too!  Our New Year’s present was a new arrival to the family: Shadow the dog!  He came to live with us on Tuesday.   What a good natured dog.  He is a one year old part golden retriever, part Labrador.  He listens well and is very smart.  My neighbors dogs, the mountain dogs, "Great Dog" and "Smokey", have been having fun with this very active pup.  Smokey, the alpha dog, insists on trying to mount Shadow who just rolls over in submission and wags his tail.  Then Shadow darts off and runs back at him.  They are figuring out that as long as I’m here, so will Shadow also be.   With this cold weather, I bring Great Dog, who is old and suffering hip problems, in for the night, thus the pictures of Shadow and Great Dog enjoying naps on the floor.

Speaking of animals, we are still awaiting the arrival of our barn cats.  They are desperately needed as I recently discovered a dead mouse trapped in the tub sink and trails of mouse turds to go with it.  Yuck!  The big hold up has been, surprise, the weather.  The kitty rescue woman has been affected by power outages, fallen trees, and heavy winds, just like up here.   Boy what a wild winter!  Hopefully, we’ll see them soon; maybe next Monday.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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2 Responses to Let’s do the Limbo! Plus, our newest arrival

  1. Tammy says:

    I just LOVE reading your site. Keep up the good work!!!!!  Your amazing at what you have done and your vision is a beauty!

  2. Juanita says:

    It is good too see that Shadow is happy and looks very comfortable! We look forward to watching more of your progress! I also hope that everyone is all well and feeling better! Thanks again for taking good care of Shadow!!!

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