Progress ho! Oops, wait scary snow again

Finally it looks like we’ve got some progress on the plumbing front!  I’m happy to say that most of the plumbing rough-in is in.  All the drains and vents are piped.  The hot water and cold water hoses are, well, hosed.   The plumber is using this flexible tubing for the hot and cold water runs through the house.  We’ll have hot water recirculating so we won’t have to wait for hot water to arrive at the tap; really a question weighing how much water to waste versus how much energy you use to heat it.   As you can see, they even got the tub/shower inserts into the master bedroom suites so they can now close up the walls.  (In the future, we’ll replace these version 1.0 bathroom inserts with some nice tiled wet room spaces.) Still, however, our contractor just can’t seem to get it right when choosing things like these inserts as I wanted one that had a bench in the shower.    But, overall, some movement on the plumbing front.

We’ve also seen some more movement on the electrical front too.  The low voltage is getting roughed-in (that’s the blue and black cables).  Basically, there will be an outlet with three ports in it throughout the house:  phone line, data line, and television cable.  All the phone and data lines get run back to the closet in the office where we can port them out to a phone system or our computer servers.  The television will be hooked to satellite; we need to pick a satellite provider.  The white wires you see is for the security system which also will reside in this office closet.

Outside work was focusing on the deck in front of the public bathrooms.  They got a bit creative using some of the trees that we took down a couple of weeks ago.  Nice  decorative elements for the railing!  We can say these actually came from our property. 

Of course, the roof gets jumped on whenever there is a break in the weather.  Now that the plumber has the venting completed, we should see  more focus on sealing up that roof and getting the skylights installed. The regular crew working on this job are superb.  They do great work and the quality and care they are putting into it really shows.   

Ah life in the Pacific Northwest circa 2007.   Global warming and El Nino are bringing the Polar Jet swooping southerly into our frontierland.  This means more snow and power outages.  Recently it has become almost routine that the power goes out when a winter storm occurs.  This happens primarily because some snow laden tree falls across the road and downs the power lines.  (Why they don’t run the power lines underground up here is beyond me.)  The PUD has gotten into the really good habit of restoring power promptly though.  Right now it is a practiced art and we only go without power for a couple of hours tops.   But, Seattle folks are unpracticed in the art of driving in snow and ice like those whom are enjoying the early spring-like weather in the Midwest and East coasts.  Thus, no construction crew braved the scary snow to come work on the house today.  Scary snow!  Scary! Scary! 🙂

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to Progress ho! Oops, wait scary snow again

  1. Karin says:

    I\’ve been reading your story with much interest over the last several months.  Just wanted to say congrats on your progress so far!  I can imagine this journey has been filled with ups, downs and many unexpected surprises.  Can\’t wait to see the final results!

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