A whirlwind of activity as the ground makes an appearance again

The weather report for the next 10 days says it will be clear which is a welcome relief from the past several weeks of snow.  With the warmer temperatures back, the ground has a chance the drain the slush away and even dry out the mud a bit.  But, to the house construction, clear days signal bursts of construction efforts.  Everything has been a flurry of activity this past two weeks with pivotal points being reached and inspectors visiting (and passing).  So here’s the latest…

Plumber, plumber, plumber.  First the venting, then the drainage, followed by the water supply.  The plumbing crew is ready for their inspections.  They got their valve tests on their lines to assure we hold pressure.  I even crawled under the house to snap a few pictures of the drainage system down there.   Yes, the insides of all our walls are starting to look very busy now with all the wiring, ducting, piping, and fixtures.   It also has been a busy time outside the house as the trenching for the run to the well got dug.  This meant the crew had to rent a piece of heavy equipment.  So, there was a scurry to use that little excavator in a variety of places.    

Along with digging the trench to the well, they graded the back section of the house for the back patio and dug the holes for the two log poles that will serve as part of our front entrance.  The picture above shows the trench digger going up our driveway.  This was taken last Thursday the 18th.  Check out the snow on the ground!  Compare it to the picture of the house below, one week later.

Speaking of the front gate entrance, our plan is to use two logs as columns with another log on top. A typical cowboy style entrance.  They got those logs in place and everything is ready to have concrete poured.  Hopefully, this will happen on Saturday. Here’s how it looks so far (height of the logs will be adjusted once we get them secured in concrete). This picture was taken on Monday.

We also had the HVAC guy out here to work on the gas lines in preparation for propane service.  So all the gas lines are now run in the house as well and are ready for inspection.  We stubbed out two locations for BBQ’s too! Here you see a picture of their pressure test on one of the BBQ stub outs.

On Tuesday the weather started to clear out even more.  I had to head back to the city to take care of some tasks there, but I left through the back gate and snapped this shot of the mountain and the back of the house:

I returned back up on Wednesday morning to a very busy and very sunny day.  Dare I say, it was warm enough to go without the bulky winter coat even!  What a difference!  Everyone’s mood was visibly lighter.  Since it was right close to lunch time, I took the crew to lunch at the Mountain View Inn Restaurant, 2 miles up the road.  The best french fries and burgers!  These guys are working hard on our house.

First order of business upon our return to the house after lunch was moving the woodstove from the barn to the house so we could figure out where the chimney would need to be located.  This was key to being able to finish the roof.  So here are a couple of photos of that:

Since the day was really nice, and the snow mostly gone, my task turned to hiking.  But this was no pleasure trip.  I needed to hike the perimeter of the lower pasture and front pasture areas that we need to clear.  I took my GPS with me.  The key here is finding the survey bars that indicate the corners of the property.  Shadow and I climbed through some rough brush and trees and we came back pretty soaked.  But now, I’ve got actual GPS coordinates that will allow me to calculate the size of the two areas so that I can use that during the bidding process.  We’ll hire someone to come clear the brush and old logging debris so that we can renovate these two areas into pasture.  Upon my return from that mini adventure, I took advantage of the light to snap pictures of the house, barn, and of course, the mountain which I leave up with (see if you can notice the first signs of the chimney!)


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