More on the ranch front, plus motocross a future possibility


Concrete!   By the dumptruck loads!  What timing!  This is the start of a 10 day, at least, stretch of great clear weather.  What a perfect weekend for pouring concrete.   On the list: the back patio, the logs at the front entrance, and the compost bin slab by the barn.  The full crew was hard at work on Saturday, when they weren’t working on the concrete pour, they were back on the roof, getting the back side shingled.  The roof should be complete within the next day or two. 

The big bonus for us was the extra concrete we had left over that just had to be used.  so, we poured the slab that will serve the future outside kitchen area (think nice BBQ, stove, sink, under covered roof). 

So, grab the young kids who like to watch heavy equipment and check out the YouTube video of the dump truck pouring concrete for our front log gate entrance.

(link in the YouTube Video list on the right)

While the crew was busy, so were we.  With good weather, we need to attack, with gusto, the debris from the logging that occurred a couple of weeks ago.  Oh my, what back breaking work!  Pulling limbs and branches into piles.  Tough stuff!  We did manage to take some breaks when guests arrived to take a tour.

Take a look through the latest pictures in our photo album, some great shots of the mountain too!

In the meantime…

Snohomish County is one of the fastest growing counties in Washington state.  This is the county just north of Seattle.  The demand for outdoor recreational activities and locations is definitely on the rise and Granite Falls is no exception.  This area is the rugged outdoors and nothing embodies this more than Granite Falls: lots of hikers, lots of mountain bikers, skiers, hunters, fishers, and in the near future, motocross!  The county council voted recently to allow motocross tracks.  I can actually say I’ve been to an arena cross event (thanks to our friends Stacey and Mike), and this area will definitely benefit from the economic and tourist boost the sport will bring.  The key will be in the design of the tracks to respect the environment where it will be located.  

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