The Moon , The Mountain, and a Pumphouse

It’s  been beautiful crystal clear days and chilly clear nights up at the ranch.  This makes for lots of scenic vista shots when you catch the sun on the different mountain peaks and ridges.  The moon has also been rising during the late day over the ridge of Green Mountain making for a pretty spectacular sight.  It’s really cool when a full moon rises above that ridge and creates the famous "ET" shot; we almost squint to see Elliot riding his bike. 

We wake up to a good amount of frost on the ground and the crew starting their work.  They get here at 7am and start hammering and working…ahhh, music to my ears. 

The house has past all of its mechanical and framing inspections, so the crew is now  turning towards insulation and drywalling.  Truly, it is beginning to look like we can live there.  However, the big push this past several days had to do with our dilemma regarding where we would put our storage tanks containing our freshly pumped, pristine mountain spring well water.  We puzzled through several scenarios, but now it looks like we have another new edition to the scenery: a pumphouse!  This new out building will be an insulated shed that will be right above the well and allow service to it and storage of, not only the tanks, but also garden tools and other such items.  Neato!  Better yet, it will be finished with the remaining log siding and corner materials that we have from the house, so it will look just like a mini log cabin!  Yeah!

We’ve been focusing on our finishes that we’ll have in the house.  We’ve had to make compromises on some things, and found some great deals on others.  For example, we went directly to this cabinetry outlet warehouse and purchased all of our kitchen, laundry room, vanities, and wet bar cabinets.  They are all custom made of unfinished birch giving us the flexibility to finish them however we want.  On the other hand, we won’t be seeing any granite, corian, or silestone countertops; nope, its the cheap prefinished formica ones that you find at Home Depot.  The budget is what it is.  At least we know we’ll be upgrading when we see our revenue streams flowing in the positive.

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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