No Groundhog Shadows around here

Thursday, February 1, 2007… 

"Dear Diary,

Glenn was able to get off work today and Friday just so he could work pulling logging debris to the fire. Finally, the snow was gone and it was all accessible.  It seems that a burst of early Spring fills the air. The weather is bright and clear.  The stars at night are pretty spectacular,  and when the moon rises over the ridge of Green Mountain, oh Diary, my heart flutters."

Hmm…maybe its the increased momentum being seen on the construction site that’s got me excited.  The Pumphouse has just sprouted up out of nowhere:

The PUD started clearing the overgrowth on the front portion of our property.  They have the vested interest of protecting those power lines…


Saturday rolled around and Tim joined us at our collective home in progress.   Our task for the weekend was the interior staining of the logs.  We filled up the entire day inside our toasty warm house.  That was due to two factors really… 1. Most of the exterior insulation is installed, and, 2.We had this serious propane heating turbo jet:

It kept the house at a warm 73.9 degrees, while outside, the day was a tepid 48.5 degrees. Didn’t really need a coat during the day.  Heck, we were all in our painting clothes like it was summertime. We got quite a bit accomplished…

 While Shadow napped on the drywall, we tackled the logs…


The guys went back to the city on Sunday, but I stayed.  My dance card is very full. It includes the need to start conditioning the llamas for their hiking duties. 

With Monday morning being another warm sunny one, I haltered all four boys up.  Our neighbor Gayle and I then did a 3 hour hike up Green Mountain out our back entrance. The boys all wore smiles and had a great time exploring. 

They certainly love to go for a walk.  We reached a vista that overlooked the valley that cascades down the foothalls.  In the distance you would be able to see Seattle, however, they were currently getting fog and rain.

Of course, that was only the first part of my Monday.  The next portion of my day presented itself upon my return to the ranch.  Zev, our foreman, had purchased the cedar plywood sheets that will be used for the ceiling in the Great Room.  He is going to put them up in the next day or two. So, after settling in the llamas, and seeing the crew off for the day, I turned on the turbo heater once again and stained until 2am. 

Today, Tuesday, Ron and Pam, our Lincoln Log Home Dealers paid us a visit. It was great to check in and share the progress.  We are doing something fairly unique with this design, so a big ‘Holla!’ out to all you readers from Lincoln Logs who are following along.  Thanks for your terrific support.  I can hardly wait until we can take a proper picture of our home.  Of course, landscaping is going to take quite a while since we’re over budget. Anyone have any extra sod and a few mulberry bushes lying around, perhaps?

I left for the city this afternoon.  Tomorrow, I’ve got a full day of errands as we pay for our cabinetry order and appliances.  Checks need to be delivered and orders sealed before this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period (2/13 to 3/7).  While its never a good idea to start anything new during these times when Mercury appears to move backward in the sky, especially if you are like me, a Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury, it is a good time to wrap things up. A perfect time to bring the construction of a house to completion.  Let’s hold that vision in our minds.

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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