Attencione! Attencione! We have trim!

Well, ok, I don’t know how else to make something as mundane as wood trim seem exciting, but when your nose is immersed into such a project, these little things have such a big impact on my excitement level.    

As you are aware, my cherished blog readers, our focus has been on staining, staining, and yet more staining.  Well its nice to see the fruits of our labor.  The main great room ceiling is finished, the post and ridge beams are finished, and there is even some trim around the windows!  On the second floor, in the common loft area, they have finished trimming out the gable/attic space.  It continues the ceiling from the great room into the loft.  This is the only space we are choosing to leave unfinished at the moment since we aren’t too sure of our color selection for the space.  No doubt, we’ll most likely stain the wood and trim a uniform color so as not to make the wall seem too busy.  The "neato" element about this wall is that they contain the hidden attic doors.  Lots of storage space in there! 

We’ve used the same color trim from the ceiling for our window sills and trim on the first floor.  It was nice to see what this looks like! 

So as all this trimming out is taking place, they have also started the drywall mudding.  Are the seams, cracks, and crevices are getting sealed up and finished off.

On a different note…we have barn kitties…seven of them!  I’m holding off on posting pictures though, because all you’d see at this point would be cages.  They were rescued from a trailer park and are still skittish so stay hidden at the moment.  Don’t worry, I’ll catch them on film!

On another different note… we have the return of Uber!  You might recall he is the white llama from my neighbor.  We’ll he has officially come to roost at Paca Pride.  He has been a lone llama for at least 5-6 years and so seeing these other llamas has been like setting off a powder keg.  Introductions have seen spitting everywhere as they all jockey for the Top Llama title.  I’ll be posting some video clips soon so you can catch the action.  Today, though, he gets the ol’ snip-snip as the vet comes to fix him.  That should calm him a bit and make introductions a bit smoother.  I fully expect a lot of llama fighting that is typical of introductions to a herd.  But, once he is fixed, has his fighting teeth cut, then they can have at it.  I’m accepting bets as to who will be the leader of the herd! (Oh and that 2" of snow you see falling?  Gone already!)

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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