Marching on into March

The barn cats are getting friendlier, the llamas are still at it with their dominance issues, the barn is chock full of cabinets, doors, and hardware, our flooring has arrived, and we have a new addition to the ranch, Maximo.

Yup we continue our march forward with the house and there is no let up in steam as we run at full tilt.  Matter of fact I find myself pitching in and doing things I would never have thought I would do, like dig a drain field behind the barn.  All in all, very busy time with lots happening so here is a catch all since my last entry…

Thursday March 8th –  The barn cats are out of hiding and playing with us through the cage doors.  As soon as we can clear most of the cabinetry out of the barn (and into the house), I’ll be letting them out of the cages.   Our septic tank and drain field pipes also arrived today. The crew continued work on mudding and taping the drywall inside.

Friday, March 9th – It was all about the drain field today and that meant big equipment and lots of drain rock.  It was an all day affair for the subcontractor who installed this and he’ll be back out to cover it all after it gets inspected.

Saturday March 10th – While we focused on another major cleanup effort around the outside and inside of the house, the crew was here continuing with the mudding efforts.  We made a major run to the dump and on the way back say a sign for free bricks from a demolished chimney.  We jumped on that one!  After two hauls, we came back with bricks and pavers that will be perfect for building some pathways…reduce, recycle, reuse!

Sunday, March 11th – A magical day!  We get a new time on our clocks, more daylight, and a free puppy!  That’s right, we add to our 5 llamas, 7 barn cats, 1 ferret, and now 2 dogs (well 3 if you count our neighbor’s dog Trace who thinks he lives here).  Maximo is half hound dog and half mutt.  Everyone says he looks like he’s got Rottwieller in him, but I think it is more like those Burmese Mountain dogs.  He should grow up to be a medium sized hound dog.  Such a cutie!  Of course, I’m spoiling him.

Monday, March 12th – Our first floor doors arrived!  That includes the front door.  Finally, we’ve got a photo worthy house now that the front door is installed!  Of course, we’ll have to stain it something. Zev, our foreman, suggested a green stain to match the windows, what do you recommend?   Our plumber also came back out with the two ADA tub/shower inserts we’ve been waiting for.  Now we can finish out the guest bathroom and the two outside restrooms.

Now its Tuesday, the crew is focused on finishing up the drywalling around the tub/shower inserts and mudding continues on the second floor.  All the flooring is here and is staged and ready to go.  So, the next blog entry, sometime next week, I should have a lot more to share with you!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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