Wow! It’s Hard Work!

Late nights, long hours, and lots of little things to keep on top of.   That’s the name of the game up at the ranch as we pound right through the finish out.  There is so much happening that I’m barely able to find the time to go into town and upload pictures.  I look at my last entry and can hardly believe that its been 10 days! 

Well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking in the photo album, there is so much to relate, here are the highlights:

– Appliances have arrived, but not yet installed since the flooring still needs to go in.  It is turning out to require really good prepping of that underlayment.  Maybe this weekend we’ll actually see the flooring go down.

-Upstairs is waiting on the flooring guy to install the laminate in the loft and one master bedroom. The other bedroom is done, but both bathrooms need flooring still.

-Plumbing is mostly trimmed out except for the toilets. We actually have running water at the spigots!  Our well pumps!

-While the septic tank got put in the hole, we are still awaiting the grading guy to finish the install of the system.  Getting it inspected has turned out to be a challenge.

-The propane tank is installed and waiting for hookup to the house.  It needs to be adjusted in the hole, then the hole can be filled.  When complete all you will see is a green tube coming out of the ground, the tank is underground.

-All of our initial white painting is done! Next paint job will be touching up areas. Then we’ll choose colors and paint the walls how we want them to appear.

-Most all of our electrical is trimmed out.  We have outlets and lights in most areas!  The chandeliers are hung in the great room! 

-All the cabinetry is installed except for a few wall cabinets.  Our vanities and wetbars are all in place too!

-All our doors are onsite and only the upstairs remain to be installed. 

-The barn cats have officially earned their freedom.  I see at least 4 hanging around, but the others choose to hide or have ventured forth into the woods.  No mouse turds anywhere!

-Glenn and I tackled the barn with a fierce organizational streak and were able to mount our salvaged cabinetry and install shelving in the tack and supply room.  The barn is pretty much fully operational now (except for the plumbing).

I’m uploading a 360-tour video clip to You Tube, so be sure to check it out!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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