Two weeks gone by in a blur! But…WE’RE IN!

A little fanfare please…it’s hard to pin down exactly when we can say we’ve officially moved in, since it seems that we’ve gradually transitioned ourselves here over the past two weeks. However, suffice it to say, we’ve had major tasklists to work through, little fires here and there to put out, and lots of finishout carpentry (i.e. shelving) to keep us working very, very long days.  Quite regimented in fact; I’ve had to remind myself to take structured breaks to eat because I find myself bouncing around seeing something that needs doing.  I can honestly say this active lifestyle works, I have lost a little more weight than I care to lose so back to eating a lot!

 Right before our eyes this month has moved so quickly through its transitions.  Early on, we were still dealing with snow melting away and some chilly temps, now we are in the April shower mode.  Have you ever experienced the rain on a sunny day? Quite the phenom! We get these neat little squalls of weather.  One angry cloud looms over, does it thing, then poof, sunshine again.

But that’s ok, because as we watch the cherry blossoms go all Dr. Suess on us, and the salmonberries threatening us with their new overgrowth, we have a warm home to be working inside.  Most of my punchlist has been focused on any construction type finishout that I need to do since the crew has all the big tools handy.  The table saw and chop saw were key to me being able to create customized built-ins that will look splendid when we get them stained and trim out with some nice crown moulding.

As my typical routine has been, it’s up with the puppy at 7am on the dot, coffee on, dive into a project.  After the crew leaves in the afternoon, I concentrate on organizing the unpacking effort.  Of course, sprinkled in there has been a lot of coordination on many other fronts as well.  For example today was quite the eventful day with our internet service being installed (satellite), our new refrigerator getting a service call (water not dispensing, kinked tubing), and our dryer being yanked apart so that it could be converted from natural gas to propane. 

All in all, we are now shifting towards settling in and doing some painting with colors and staining of wood shelves.  Glenn and I will focus on unpacking the kitchen this weekend so I’ll be able to move off the microwave and paper plate routine.  Maybe I’ll actually have things to put in the dishwasher!  (I’m testing the washer and dryer right now with the accumulated laundry.)

So, dear reader, you’ve waited with held breath for the latest and here they are, a selection of pictures highlighting where we are at with the house.   As you’ll see the final touches are really making the difference.  I’m seeing some green grass growing and can’t wait until we have an actual lawn for my 4 legged mowers. Be sure to check the latest vid clip featuring our sad goodbye to the honey bucket!

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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