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A path to the Divine on a clear day

In my near ending quest to reduce, recycle, reuse, I rescued a ton of bricks (well they sure felt like a ton toting them around!) from a demolished chimney and put them to good use as a path to our … Continue reading

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Yurts, Yurts, and more Yurts!

I just recently revisited my research on yurt manufacturers and was pleasantly surprised to discover that a local company, with a wonderful history in the Pacific Northwest, is now manufacturing them!  When we initially purchased our first yurt  a number … Continue reading

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Uber doober pooper scooper !!%$*&#!

That’s what we utter when Uber, the white llama, gets to us.  It’s more like a curse mumbled under our breath as we remind ourselves that he was a lone llama for many years and now, viola, a herd comes … Continue reading

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Get Real Photo Contest

Our oh-so-cute little Maximo is a big hit in the awwww department!  Click on this click: Vote for him in the Get Real Photo Contest!  You could help us win a flat screen TV!  Boy that would be really … Continue reading

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Paca Pride picks up alpacas!

What a great adventure we had yesterday as my neighbor Gayle and I set forth to visit Mother Hildegard at Our Lady of the Rock Monastery on Shaw Island and pickup some new additions to the growing Paca Pride family!  … Continue reading

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A jam packed tour de force that leaves us satiated

Well here we are on the denouement of a week that ranged from shearing llamas and burning stumps, to a surprising tractor acquisition. Whew!  What a week! Well, let’s start with last holiday weekend.  It was a rush to get the … Continue reading

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