Uber doober pooper scooper !!%$*&#!

06-01-07 Hiking with Sam and Ben 013 That’s what we utter when Uber, the white llama, gets to us.  It’s more like a curse mumbled under our breath as we remind ourselves that he was a lone llama for many years and now, viola, a herd comes into his life.  Now that the llamas have been shorn of their fiber, I have been stepping up the game with this challenging guy. I’m showing him that it is okay to be touched.  Lot’s of baby steps. 

Even though it seems like "3 steps forward 2 steps back" 06-14-07 Uber gets the pack 001is the dance him and I have, it is amazing to see his accomplishments.   Yesterday I was able to get a pack on him.  This helped us get him more aware of his body.  Llamas are very fickle about being touched in general as they have that natural flight response, so to start with a pack that has straps and touches him over and under made him pay close attention.  Then I took him for a walk to show him that nothing bad was happening to him and he could actually have fun.

06-14-07 Uber gets the pack 004 Today, he was a bit stubborn, probably thinking he was going to be faced with another "ordeal", through his eyes, but I surprised him by keeping his session short and sweet.  We did the requisite corralling into the catch pen, then some handling without even getting a halter on him.  He is getting there! 

The real side benefit from working with him more will be his attitude in the herd.  We are going for happy, 06-14-07 Uber gets the pack 008well-adjusted llama here.  I think the road is clear ahead.

In the meantime, check out the embarrassing ruckus he can cause by clicking on the YouTube video to the right titled "Uber the llama chasing the new alpacas".  Fortunately with these guys the only real harm is to their egos.  

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to Uber doober pooper scooper !!%$*&#!

  1. qu says:

    wow! it was amazing to see that you have such a big ranch! you must be a very cheerful person as I can see from your space! Good luck with the ranch! are you in US? In the west land of US? In which state is your ranch located? We saw those llamas in the zoo! they are so beautiful! they have very big eyes, shiny, and long eyelash! especially the small ones! so cute!

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