A path to the Divine on a clear day

06-22-07 Brick front path 002 In my near ending quest to reduce, recycle, reuse, I rescued a ton of bricks (well they sure felt like a ton toting them around!) from a demolished chimney and put them to good use as a path to our front deck.  We’ll eventually add top gravel on the roads and to create some parking spaces which will join up at the end of the path, but for now, after two days of sweat and pretending to be a mason, it’s nice to see a little bit o’ pretty.  I threw down some more grass seed in the bare spots along with lime and fertilizer; just in time for a little squall that made it all soak in.  Now if only I can find some landscaping plants…anyone have some thoughts?


06-20-07 Mt Pilchuck on a clear day_6 Speaking of pretty out!  Oh my gawd!  The mountain as been spectacular as of late.  With these partly cloudy/partly sunny days, the interplay of light on the mountain has been such fun to watch.  When the sun sets behind us, it casts beautiful rosy hues on the peak brilliantly backlighting the little snow left.  I do hope you all consider a visit to Paca Pride this summer for some iced green tea on our front deck to take in this wonderful view. Check out a few more mountain shots in the photo album.


About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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One Response to A path to the Divine on a clear day

  1. qu says:

    Hi, it\’s so interesting to read that you pretend to be a mason! I hope i can do it some day in the future, it would be great fun! You can put some scree onto it with cement, or can just leave it as it is, because when the grass grows, a good road with dried yellowish grass will be created soon! I see you are quite a creator! By using those bricks!

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