Housewarming party quickly approaching! RSVP by the 18th!

With the 4th o’July behind us, we’ve quickly shifted gears towards the next milestone on our calendar: Saturday, July 28th.  We are throwing a housewarming party along with celebrating Glenn’s 50th birthday.  You all are welcome to attend too!  Be sure to RSVP by the 18th via email! The party starts at 2pm until dusk.

New Compost Bin 001So we’ve turned our attention to several items on our punchlist in preparation.  The first is the completion of our compost bin for the llama and alpaca manure.  We took advantage of recycling the left over pieces of log siding from the house and used them to line the exterior of the bin.  Now we have a compost bin that fits the theme of the ranch!   Awwwwww!

But, really, why stop there? A couple of weeks ago I salvaged some items from the old lot next door where some folks New doghouse for the boys 006homesteaded in the woods.  I had my eye on the doghouse since it looked in fairly decent condition.   However, I was only able to salvage the roof.  So, we built an insulated box, and you guessed it, used the log siding!  Awwww, matching doghouse!  Well, sort of.  The roof doesn’t look like it will last much longer, and I think I’ll just have to build one more suited to the log sided look.

Another lagging item on our punchlist was finishing the fencing of the remaining paddock areas around the barn.  We held off on this one since the loafing shed on that side of the barn was being used as a staging area for construction materials.   Now that construction was done and we were able to clean up the area, we got a better sense for the utilization of that space.  We decided that half of the shed would go to the back paddock, and the front paddock would becoming a holding arena.  In the future we can add a couple more gates and some more fencing and create another paddock in the remaining space as well.  But for now, the extra paddock space in the rear of the barn was opened up to the animals.  The neat thing is seeing the llamas and alpacas from the house since they can now walk to the other side of the barn.  Awwwww!

OK, these things are just simple ranch tasks that have to get done, but it is amazing the sense of accomplishment from stepping back and seeing the work you’ve done.  Each step is closer and closer to getting us operational as a guest ranch. 

The other big event  in the news is the major heat wave heading our way this week.  We’re talking temperatures in the 90’s easily.  Very dry weather coupled with dry lightening storms later this week makes for potential trouble: forest fires!  Stay tuned!  This will no doubt be an interesting week of weather up at the ranch!

Shearing the alpacas 007Luckily, the alpacas have us to thank.   Why?  Because they no longer have many pounds of fiber to lug around on them.  It was imperative that we jumped on shearing them before this heat wave rolls in.  This was the first time we’ve ever shorn an alpaca.  We had our experience with the llamas in the chute, but these guys are a horse of a different color.  For them, restraint is the order of the day.  We constructed an alpaca shearing table out of a large banquet table and lifted each on up in turn for their haircut.  07-09-07 Alpacas shorn 020So, okay, they look like a drunken dog groomer got loose on some french poodles, but hey, at least they will be much cooler.  Now we’ve got bags of fiber to sort out and work with!  Any artisans out there interested in some?  OK, promise you won’t laugh at how funny they look right now.  I’ll allow a chuckle, but out right guffaws and I’ll dare you to come try your hand at shearing them! 🙂  It’s hard work!  Enjoy all the recent photos in the photo album!

Remember to RSVP and join us for our housewarming party!  We’d love to have you come visit! 

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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