Of birds and blossoms, crepes and dancing

07-13-07 Huckleberries 003 The blooming and ripening of summer sees our first berries poking out of the overgrowth around us; blackberries, huckleberries, taking center stage.  Our zucchini plants have some blossoms too.   07-13-07 Fried zucchini blossoms 003This, of course, had me waiting for each one to pick and bear batter up with a quick saute in some olive oil; very Top Chef meets Italian childhood.

The mountainous valley is a twitter with summer activity.  All the campgrounds are 07-14-07 Visit to the campground- Womens weekend 032 overflowing; campers seeking out the best bends in the low river to pitch tents on the rocky banks.   Triangle Recreation Camp, had a Women’s weekend (all campers welcome) with a dance on Saturday night, performers included.  Team Gina, a hip-hop singing duo were on hand and did their best to entertain the troops even with the poor sound system.  Well, it wasn’t an overly attended event by typical standards, but all the regular campers were there and visiting with everyone we know was the best!  That is, until we reached the end of our fun night and tried to leave through the locked front gate.  I was not designated the designated driver, drinking Fresca all during, to be destined to dreaming in the car until daylight. Harumph!  So while Tim enjoyed his party punch buzz with the dogs in the car (they love the campground too!), I was surrounded by a motley gathering of fabulous former camp mates working diligently to free us for the drive home.  Thanks for the help everyone!

07-14-07 Visit to the campground- Womens weekend 009 Earlier that evening, pre-party visiting with each of the campsites, we hung out in the outdoor living room (complete with vinyl diner banquet furniture and plush seating) of Brad and Scotty.  Scotty, of French influence, was celebrating Bastille Day by showering us with pan fried crepes with fruit and flambeau.  You should consider this next weekend’s "Friends and Family" event where the campground is open to everyone.  Honestly, you just have to see what these folks do up here for campsites!  Be sure to visit every one and experience the welcome hospitality as they show you around their fiefdoms in the forest. They each have themes; would you even expect any less?  Check out www.camptrc.org for directions and info.

Finally, I leave you with pictures in the photo album concluding with our resident barn swallows, Stan and Marty.  Yes, they actually live in the barn; another white bellied barn swallow couple has taken up residence at the house with new babies already born.  Enjoy the photos!


About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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