The Labor Day Weekend Wrap-up

08-31-07 Kitchen and Zucchini parm 004It’s amazing the variety of events and experiences that can happen within the span of a few days. As I looked back over my mostly on-the-go pictures from my camera I found it difficult to sort into their proper files.  Let’s see, we are loving the new pot rack we’ve added to the kitchen, I’ve made zucchini parmesan with all the zucchinis from the garden, orchard grass got delivered, our log wall of peeling stain is being fixed, and we’ve had a great time with new and old friends over the Labor Day holiday.

08-31-07 Kitchen and Zucchini parm 008  Starting last Wednesday I ramped up for the weekend by harvesting even more zucchinis that seem to be bursting forth in the garden.  I picked all the Bok Choy that had bolted and hung them up as a bunch to dry so I can get seeds for next year.  I did the same to cilantro, but with that bunch I’ll just chop it up for spice once it dries out. Freshly dried herbs from our garden! Wow!  Things really do taste "greener" when you grow them yourself.  The tomatoes are also starting to ripen.  Soon, I’ll have a tomato sauce making session in the kitchen and see how many jars I get.

09-02-07 Permachink fix by Jeff 004 Later in the week we had a contractor come out, on behalf of the stain company, Permachink, to come and fix the strange problem we had with peeling stain on one side of the house.  All the other logs are fine, but something went wrong with this one side.  Permachink and this contractor are doing a great job at addressing this for us.  It is very nice of them.

The new thing for the barn is seeing what 3 tons of orchard grass hay looks like stored in there.  It’s quite packed, but if need 08-31-07 3 ton Orchard Grass delivery 001 be, I could have stacked them even higher. This looks like great grass too!  It’s interesting the tidbits of knowledge you start to gain about things.  For example, it is important to know the leaf content of the grass as well as become familiar with the nutritional content it contains.  This grass is 2nd cutting, has no seed heads, and looks nice and green.  First cutting grass can have lower nutritional content.

08-31-07 Maximo meets Yogi 7week pom pup 002 Friday was my run into Marysville on errands.  Hay feeders and grain from the co-op, supplies from Home Depot, and a stop off for groceries.  I also picked up a new friend, Kenny who was coming to stay at the ranch for the weekend.  My final stop was to get Glenn from the park-n-ride. All in a days work!  I took Maximo, but left Shadow to watch the ranch.  For Max, it was quite the adventure.  He got to be by himself traveling for the first time and met Kenny’s new puppy a 7 week old Pomeranian; had no idea what to do with something smaller than him. 

Labor Day Wknd 2007 at TRC 010 Let the fun begin! We went to the Meet-and-Greet party on Friday night at the campground. What a blast introducing Kenny around since he had never been there before and its so much fun to see. We returned to the campground for Saturday night’s Mardi-Gras theme party.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  Then on Sunday we did a few chores, relaxed and recovered.

Yesterday we had to take Kenny back to Marysville, so Tim and I decided to go see Harry Potter. All in all a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  Productive and fun!  We topped it all off we some terrific rosy sunsets against the mountains and clouds.

09-02-07 Mt. Pilchuck and sunlit clouds 011

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  1. CharlotteMae says:

    what a beautiful picture of the sky….  came here from the Old Outlaw\’s blog.  enjoy the day.  mtgal 

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