A weekend passes and the stumps diminish down into ashes!

09-16-07 Panarama view looking back up lower pasture and burned down stump piles

Here’s a look back from the end of the lower pasture facing back towards the house (which is at the other end of the property up on the top of the plateau).  It’s a panoramic view: the right side of the picture is the northeast corner of our property (view this entry on the blog page to see the full picture). The left side of the picture is the forest that goes down the middle of our property. I’m standing at the far corner of the future 5 acres of pasture.  It’s broken up into two plateaus. The two stump piles we are still burning are on the lowest part.  There is one other burned down pile on the upper plateau in the middle background.  Then the road leads up the hill to the top portion of the property where you can drive back past the upper pastures to the barn and house.

We’ll punch a road through the band of trees to the left to get to the front portion of the property.  That section is about 9 acres which border Mountain Loop Hwy and will get parked out as a pasture area with trees and can be seen from the road.  Of course, ALL of this will need to be fenced!  Tim and I will have our work cut out sinking more posts and stretching fencing.

I’ve uploaded the latest pics of the burn piles in the photo album. However, here is a progression of photos to give you some perspective of the amount that has been burned:

2/8/07 vs 9/16/07 2nd stump pile with the far pile visible in the background…

Back Lower Pasture Clearing 036 09-16-07 stump piles burn down 004

2/8/07 vs 9/16/07 2nd stump pile on middle plateau…

Back Lower Pasture Clearing 009 09-16-07 stump piles burn down 023

9/11/07 vs 9/16/07 3rd pile before and after some more burning…

09-07-07 Burning stumps in lower pastures 001 09-16-07 stump piles burn down 008

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