A festive time at the HRC dinner

During this blustery Fall October, we are making progress on several fronts at the ranch.  Mostly, the focus has been on the Large Yurt Meeting Facility project.  This past week we had electricians spend a good portion of the time running the power lines that will deliver electricity to the large yurt and the future guest yurts.  It 10-20-07 HRC Dinner 012 was wet work for most of that week and there are plenty of pictures in the photo album of dirt, conduit, and wire. So, you can imagine what a delight it was to break away from the mud and grime for a lavish experience at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner held in Seattle this past Saturday night.  HRC has always done a fantastic job working for the civil rights of the GLBT community and it was truly an honor to be attending.

As we arrived, the crowd quickly swelled in number to get a chance at bidding for their favorite silent auction items.  April Brown was the auctioneer for the evening and, boy, she had a daunting task keeping the momentum and flow.  She mingled through the silent auction crowd with her wireless microphone enticing bidders to grab some of the posh items.  Imagine our surprise as we were snapping pictures to hear her suddenly exclaim "Come on, help me countdown the closing of this silent auction area!" only to realize she was talking to us!  So I quickly flipped on the camera to YouTube video mode and that is what you’ll see as the featured video to the right!  What a fun way to start the night.

10-20-07 HRC Dinner 004 We strolled through the models who were bedecked with over a million dollars worth of jewelry (feel free to bid), of course I had to get a picture with them.  Then we sauntered over to the other silent auction area where we quickly spotted Jane Lynch, the actress being honored at tonight’s dinner.  Oh boy, so many fabulous credits sparkle her career, but you may remember her from The 40-Year-Old-Virgin playing Steve Carrell’s boss at the video store; hysterical!  After the silent auctions, everyone migrated into the dining room.  There we were hosted by the quite fabulous "Ross the Intern" 10-20-07 HRC Dinner 015 from the Jay Leno show; remember him?  Well, he was looking quite svelte as he moved the evening along at a humorously brisk pace.

 So much networking to be had this evening!  So many people to see!  Doctors (including Dr. Rob, Glenn’s boss and our table captain), lawyers (including our own Jonathon Bowman, GSBA president), politicians (Ed Murray, Jim McDermott), and celebrities (TR Knight!)  All were very gracious and humored me with photos.  TR Knight, from Grey’s Anatomy 10-20-07 HRC Dinner 039fame, was on hand to present the HRC award to Jane Lynch.  He was just so wonderful about allowing everyone to flock over afterwards and snap pictures.  Honestly, such grace and poise, he was truly delightful. I’m quite happy for his success and wish him all the more.

Catch all the pictures from the evening in the photo album and enjoy the spur-of-the-moment You Tube silent auction countdown with April Brown!

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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