Highlights … way up high, and slightly off to the right, no back a bit, there!

So, as fellow bloggers know in the Windows Live Spaces Community, it is very fun to dip your toes in the proverbial Blog Ocean and see what others are blogging about.  This inevitably leads to surfing sessions that take you tangentially further and further from whatever your original query would have landed.  This can be delightful as you tune in to whatever blips on your curiosity radar vie for attention.  It’s also the perfect Mercury Retrograde activity for us Virgos (rule by Mercury) as a time of RE-connection, RE-trospection, RE-membering, you get it.  In that vein of thought, I dove back among my favorite blog entries for some neato pics from our life progressing towards Paca Pride, the Guest Ranch.  Enjoy them below!

Friendly deer… barn kitty

Friendly Deer 1-24-07_09 04-03-07 friendly Tuxedo 005

Little Maximo at the vet… Shadow and Maximo as puppy

03-13-07 to 03-17-07 Maximo and Shadow 003 03-13-07 to 03-17-07 Maximo and Shadow 037

Dogs in the grass… alpacas at their new home…

09-07-07 Shadow and Maximo at the burning stumps 002 06-12-07 to 06-13-07 new alpacas at the ranch 088

Alpacas come home… A llama hike…

OL_Rock 301 UNFILED 013

"I found a dog in this snow"… Gayle with Stellar and Mucho…

 03-01-07 llamas in snow with Shadow 001 2-5-07 llama hike up Green Mtn with Gayle 001

Doggies being investigated in the pasture… The old railroad tracks down by the river… 

03-31-07 llama and dogs 006  Robe Canyon Hike 073 

The moon in June over Mt. Pilchuck… The moon in February over Green Mtn.

05-29-07 Moonrise over Mt Pilchuck 003 02-01-07 Mountain and moon 035

Green Mtn behind the barn… Looking down the land…

09-28-07 Sunny Fall day Views 004 first snow on Green Mtn 11-08-06 004

A surprise visit to our yurt during construction by some roaming steer!Land Progress 4-30-06 018 Land Progress 4-30-06 019 Land Progress 4-30-06 020Unfiled from Camera 206

Garden harvest in our first year!

 09-20-07 Zucchini Harvest 003 10-19-07 Final Carrots harvested 003

Blackberries and picturesque views…

09-04-07 Blackberry Season 003 04-10-07 Mountains and pastures 004 03-26-07 Mt Pilchuck 025 06-20-07 Mt Pilchuck on a clear day_1

Hard at work and play…

Log Stacking Weekend 7-24-06 059 11-16-06 to 11-19-06 construction and guests 070Ranch Development 8-5 009 Ranch Development 8-5 01003-22-07 Draw Sawing Posts and Rails 001 10-11to10-13 construction 004 10-11to10-13 construction 0091-26-07 construction 001 SA402266 Open house 

Burning those stumps away!

 09-11-07 Burning the stump piles some more 005 09-11-07 Burning the stump piles some more 009

Finally some gravel for the roads…

10-11-07 Gravel Roads 024 10-11-07 Gravel Roads 014

It’s official, we have a sign up (better one to come)… and Uber (llama) with Kyle (neighbor)

07-27-07 Housewarming weekend 012 07-27-07 Housewarming weekend 025

About David

Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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5 Responses to Highlights … way up high, and slightly off to the right, no back a bit, there!

  1. Deborah says:

    I was trying to forget about the retrograde, but remembering with you was a lot of fun.  Paca Pride is going to be a huge success.
    Blessed be

  2. Magick says:

    Hi There:
    Are you able to tell me who it is in that picture that I asked you about?

  3. David says:

    Hi Magick,
    Which picture is that? From one in a previous entry?

  4. Yours Truly says:

    Hi Paca Pride,
    Thanks for the visit and comment.  You sure have put a lot of work into your place and into this Space.  Very pretty building you have there.  I like turrets.  Are the yurts just for summer or are they year round.  How do they stay warm?  Have you made any sweaters from the wool yet.  What should I call you?  I hope your day is going well.

  5. David says:

    Hi Truly,
    I\’m David, author of this blog. 🙂 We are hoping that we\’ll be able to offer the yurts year round since they will eventually have heat and electricity (stemming from the power lines we just had run).  It is really fun to stay in a yurt with snow on the ground.  We\’re thinking there may be families out there that want to plan a Thanksgiving reunion that might love the idea of a yurt family getaway. Also, during the fall and winter season there are many people who love to go cross country skiing and snow mobiling.   First we are hoping to capture the traffic from companies looking for off-site meeting locations.  We are only 50 miles from downtown Seattle; making us a fairll easy place to get away to without having to drive long hours to get there.
    No sweaters yet!  But I am looking for an electric drum carder so I can process the fiber we did harvest!  First I need to clean it, but even so I think it should be fairly easy to process.  Eventually, we\’ll join a cooperative to sell our fiber to. 

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