Fall’s activities, depending on the weather

10-31-07 Mt. Pilchuck 003 

Above: Mt. Pilchuck from our front porch. Below right: the house at 7pm!

11-05-07 6pm in the fall at the ranch 020 Lot’s of projects are sprouting forth in the clear patches this early November.  We are taking advantage of ever bit of daylight we have left.  It’s dark here by 5:30pm, certainly now at 6:15pm darkness abounds outside and the sky is already lit with stars.  But, this doesn’t stop the momentum wheel of progress here at the ranch. We’ve got lots to focus on right now.  We’ve had additional gravel brought out for the alley and I’m up on "Arnie", our tractor, spreading it out smooth.  Now that the power lines are run down the length of the pasture, we can proceed with the construction of the large "Roundhouse" Yurt platform. This is beginning later this week. 

11-06-07 logging behind barn 003 In the meantime, we’ve turned attention to the threat of leaning trees behind the barn.  Mostly Hemlock, they are displaying signs of rot, especially among the ones growing close together. The standing dead trees are already firewood worthy.  11-06-07 Shadow with logs 002 We also bucked a number of 30 foot lengths for a few raised bed gardens this next Spring (fill ’em with llama poo and there ya have it!) The rest of the trees will be bucked for 6 foot pieces for the width of the beds as well as 14" rounds for splitting into firewood.  Arnie got a good workout heaving and pushing the logs out to the yard for bucking. 

Other things on my radar screen include, I can’t buh-lieve I’m saying this, but,  preparations for chickens; the egg laying kind and the meat eating kind.  I think I’ve at least settled upon a moveable chicken coop design using some old wheelbarrow wheels.  This will be the winter homesteading project that will occur sometime before Spring. It just means I’ve got to be thinking about this now  in terms of research and planning to be able to buy the Spring chicks from the hatchery. 

Also, blipping the radar is the project to move our current yurt to a more permanent local. I found some railroad ties (fits the historic theme of the area) that I’ll use as a foundation for a few of the log beams leftover from the house and then secure the frame on top of those.  This will raise the yurt back off the ground a bit and keep the floor in better shape.   I’ll probably be building a porch landing off of it too.

Below: A bright Fall day at the ranch

 11-06-07 House on a bright fall day 004

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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1 Response to Fall’s activities, depending on the weather

  1. swamp says:

    Evening. Thought I\’d splash by again, and see how it\’s all going.
    You all seem very busy, and some great pictures to go with it all. Creating your own piece of heaven there.
    Have a good week  🙂

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