Progress ever forward!

11-26-07 Tour of the ranch roads 001 I’m sitting here in the conference room for the Snohomish County Planning and Development Department awaiting my first county meeting regarding our project.  You have to admit, when it comes to "process" governmental agencies have everyone beat, hands down. Prior to me being able to even submit my application for the proper permitting and zoning changes I’m requesting, I have to schedule a pre-application planning meeting. This meeting is to make sure 11-26-07 Tour of the ranch roads 003 I have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed.  However, even before I can schedule that meeting I’m required to obtain a "Project File Number".  This means having to visit the Public Works Department for a traffic review of our proposed project.  We have to answer what kinds of impacts we will be having on the roads and infrastructure and how our project will affect the amount of traffic to travel in the area.  So, after boning up on the 11-26-07 Tour of the ranch roads 006 Intralocal traffic mitigation agreements between Snohomish County and the local town of Granite Falls, I sit here with many questions, awaiting my turn with the services our tax paying dollars finance (our nickels at work).  I took the time yesterday to snap a photo-tour of the existing roads on our property so I can show the county reviewer.  I’ve uploaded them for you to enjoy as well.  I have to say, so far, impressions are of a smoothly oiled and operating machinery. The county  knows their stuff and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  I’ll have to be sure to send invitations to our opening. 

11-20-07 Large Yurt platform - views 004 Speaking of which, we press every forward towards the completion of the large yurt platform and associated landings and decks.  For the most part construction is done for now until the arrival of the large yurt, which I pushed up in the schedule to February 1st.  This should give us enough lead time to perform any finish out tasks that are needed.  It’s looking really good! There is still some blocking to  11-26-07 Tour of the ranch roads 007do underneath the subfloor, but I’ve got it all covered for now with a tarp.

Just in time for the first snow of the season as the snow line officially drops below the 1000′ mark.  The first snow gets an eerie edge to it out here; especially with driving.  Watching for icy spots on the road was so two weeks ago when our nights starting dipping into the upper 20’s.  However, for some reason the first snow jolts your sense memory of last winter’s driving front and center.  More 11-26-07 Tour of the ranch roads 008like stepping through a lens filter where all the green was traded out for white. It seems to add a level of punctuation to driving activities.  The wilderness looks so beautiful!  There was only around a quarter of an inch of snow that fell, but it was enough to hide the seams, trim out the trees, and just make things look more pretty.

The nice thing about the snow season in our Pacific Marine climate… it usually all melts away within a few days.  11-27-07 First snow at the ranch 002

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Making manifest the change I want to see in the world through the hospitality of a humble little homestead campground with yurts and alpacas.
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